EVE – Jump Clones

I didn’t get to play much over the weekend due to various activities. But I did get a few things done.

Jump Clones

First, I finished off getting my chars some Jump Clones. Unlike other MMOs, which feature fast travel (GW2 and its waypoints; LoTRO and map travel to milestones; etc) EVE doesn’t have that.

Well, that isn’t fully accurate. In EVE, you have to move yourself and your stuff by planning a route and warping through each system step by step. The game will find a route for you, so you aren’t stuck hand-planning the whole thing, but generally going from A to B takes time and might involve dozens of “jumps”. For example, going from Jita to B-R5RB takes 37 jumps, and each new system is progressively lower and lower security until null sec. The entire trip might take an hour or more, and while you can autopilot, the lower the region security, the bigger the chances of your ship being attacked.

But, there is a way to install clones of yourself at various stations. These are called jump clones and the number you can have is gated by the Infomorph Psychology skill.

In the sci-fi of the game, your body doesn’t travel, it is just your consciousness that is transferred and installed into a different clone. At some station a long ways away, saving some travel time. 😉 So not quite fast travel wherever you want, but better than nothing.

One downside is you can’t just install jump clones at a station without having a high reputation with the corporation that owns the station. It apparently takes a while to grind up that rep, but there are some ways to take a shortcut.

For instance, the corp you join might have enough reputation and you as a member will benefit. EVE University has a service for their members, and Estel Arador Corp Services (kinda has a LoTRO ring to that name!) does too, offering a free jump clone service to the playerbase for donations. At least, they will until the auction finishes and the corporation transfers ownership. After that maybe things will change. I hope whoever takes over continues the service.

Anyway, I finished getting clones for one character and saw the auction notice. Then I hurried up and did the same for my other two!

Jita Burning

I didn’t fly anywhere near Jita this weekend, due to the “Jita Burning” event put on by Goonswarm. I did check the map and had it show a heat map of ship losses:

Jita Burning
Jita Burning

Just under 7500 ships lost in the last 24 hours, when I checked. Sounds like a lot of shooting going on!


I’m training Aurora towards being a combat pilot, and in electronic warfare, covert ops, and logistics. All sounds fun, with the covert ops role being useful for solo exploration, and the rest being more group oriented.

Meanwhile, Summer is getting core skills to 4 and will then turn towards industry, research, and planetary interaction.

I decided to train Autumn to fly a covert ops exploration ship, rather than do the 3 month stealth bomber I posted earlier. Exploration is something that Aurora can do but I decided to throw in another PLEX to have a 2nd character able to explore as well. Her skill plan is basically Amarr Frigate to 5, Electronics Upgrades to 5, Cloaking to 4, and Covert Ops as high as possible before the extra training runs out.

I’m thinking of joining a corporation, since some of the things I’d like to try would be very difficult solo. To that end, I’ve been searching around a bit, and have identified my first choice. Plus found another one that looks good as well.

Sometimes I get blind invites, chat requests, and emails (in game) about joining a corp. Those might be fine avenues of recruitment, but the EVE playerbase reputation is so tainted and has the reputation of being filled with nothing but scammers that prey on new players, that I ignore everything. My way of finding a corporation to join is entirely out of game: reading blogs, and noting who mentions that their corporation recruits players.

I figure it is effortless to scam someone in game, but comparatively few people will play a long enough con to form a website/blog, write for months, only to have that all be fake and merely an elaborate method of scamming new players.

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