EVE – Blood-stained Stars (almost)

I like to “finish things up”, so before I look around to join a corporation on my chars, I wanted to knock off the intro epic story arc: the Blood-stained Stars.

I had an OK time with it ~2 years ago, but this time around I’m stuck at the end with the fight against Dagan. Maybe CCP made it tougher? I don’t put out enough DPS to overcome his repair ability. I’ll try again in a few days in order to let a few skill train higher.

I also had a tough time on a previous step, fighting Kristan Parthus in “Chasing Shadows”. It was his NOS ability (Nosferatu module, which drains my capacitor and thus ability to fire my weapons) that made it challenging, for an alt char of ~2 million skill points that can’t equip a whole lot just yet.

Summer is a Gallente and I’d been doing this arc in the Catalyst, a Gallente Destoyer. But that wasn’t going anywhere versus Kristan Parthus, so I switched things up a bit and bought an Algos, which is also a Gallente Destoyer, but one with a drone bay.

So after moving some things around, I set out to fight Parthus with as many 150mm Railgun 1’s as would fit, and 4 Hobgoblin 1 small scout drones for some extra help. Since Summer had Drones trained to 4, she could load up 4 drones to help in the fight.

Parthus Battle
Parthus Battle

The fight was long but I finally wore him down. I had to run away one or twice, but finally what worked was sending in the drones to wear down his shields, and then moving in with railguns blasting.

Anyway, I’m up to the “Our Man Dagan” step, a fight again Dagan and some escorts. His escort die pretty fast, but he’s a little tougher because he repairs his ship faster than I can damage it. The Eve University wiki suggests flying a cruiser (more firepower) and I’ll keep that in mind if I can’t seem to get anywhere. First, I’ll train a few Gunnery skills higher and also consider improved modules. Maybe some tech 2 items would help but those require training other skills to 5 and then specializing as well. For example if I want to fit a 150mm Railgun 2 to my ship, I’d need to finish Small Hybrid Turret 5 and Small Railgun Specialization 1 (and also balance CPU and energy usage). EVEMon tells me it would take about 5 days 20 hours for the training, the bulk of which is Small Hybrid Turret 5 (21 hours for level 4 and then 4 days 23 hours more for 5).

If that doesn’t help, then I’ll look into training Gallente Cruisers and research a good setup. Maybe I’ll end up fighting Dagan in a Vexor or Thorax. 😉 What I generally do is crank up EVEMon and use the ship browser plus the BattleClinic loadouts link, and then modify from there given what skills I have trained. Anyway after checking that the training queues on Aurora and Summer and full, I logged off to take a break while that stuff finished us.

Earlier, while traveling around systems for the epic arc, I took a screenshot of my ship approaching a warp gate. I forgot to note where this was exactly. Anyway, I just think it’s a cool looking pic.

Ship and Planet
Ship and Planet

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