EVE – Cruiser

I have a tendency to “train one more level” of some random skill, for the incremental benefit. 5% more damage here, 2% less capacitor usage there, hitting level 4 of skill X allows training skill Y, etc. Soon, I’ve planned out 5 more days of skills and spend more time juggling my queue than flying around blowing stuff up. Or exploring, researching, etc.

This stems from my careful and conservative nature playing MMOs. I hate it when my character dies, even in a game where that doesn’t set you back much. I think the last game I played with an actual death penalty was Asheron’s Call, where you suffered a “vitae penalty” and potential item loss. Guild Wars gave a penalty as well, but defeating a boss would give a morale boost and help erase that – and if worse came to worse, map travel back to an outpost would remove it. There was no item damage or loss.

However in EVE, getting blown up means a loss of items. And to get your stuff back, you need to return in a ship to do it. In the meantime, other players might be there helping themselves to your former possessions! If your medical clone isn’t up to date, there is loss of skill points, and then you basically need to rebuy all the stuff you lost.

So, I tend to play carefully. Hence, the skill training gyrations.

But that’s part of the reason I bought a PLEX, to make my life in game a little easier. Rather than grinding out the ISK in order to do anything (buy skillbooks, buy modules), I can just buy stuff and undock without the very real concern that imminent bankruptcy is looming.

So I said the heck with it and flew my main character Aurora to nearby Dodixie to do some shopping. Aurora has a bit over 18 million skill points and can fit a lot more gizmos than Summer. Aurora can get much fancier stuff, such as a cruiser fitted with tech 2 modules.

I bought a Caracal (Caldari Cruiser) and equipped it using some guidelines from a BattleClinic loadout:

  • High Slots – 5 x Rapid Light Missile Launcher II
  • Med Slots – Medium Capacitor Battery II, Medium Shield Booster II, Medium Shield Extender II, Sensor Booster II, Adaptive Invulnerability Field II
  • Low Slots – Ballistic Control System II, Damage Control II, Armor Repairer II
  • Rigs – Medium Polycarbon Engine Housing I, Medium Hydraulic Bay Thrusters I

I’ll just say that fitting my first cruiser is awesome – they have so many slots and way more power and cpu than frigates or destroyers. Obviously. 😉

For ammo, I bought a few thousand each of Scourge Light Missiles, Scourge Precision Light Missiles (tech 2 upgraded missile), and Scourge Fury Light Missiles (also a tech 2 upgraded missile). I’ll load up each and try them out.

This is massive overkill for the intro epic arc (The Blood-stained Stars) but hey, I need to try out Aurora’s new setup somewhere! 😉 Summer had a challenging time at the end, fighting the last 2 NPCs… Aurora should easily crush them both.

Later, I plan to outfit Aurora in a covert ops ship, the Buzzard. I’ll be practicing scanning, cloaking, and all that stuff in hisec before daring to step into low or null!

I’m angling Aurora to be a mission runner and exploration character. She’s also got various electronic warfare skills trained which might come in handy. Summer will be more of a planetary interaction, research, and manufacturing character. They are both working on core skills, with Summer just starting and Aurora nearly finished, and after that they’ll split more as to what skills they train.

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