LoTRO – Finishing Mirkwood

I finished up Mirkwood – Vol 2 Book 9 – on Autumn and hit a few other milestones along the way as well. There were equipment upgrades, skirmishes, outleveling my previous main char, and becoming just my fourth adventurer to enter Vol 3 of the epic storyline.

I had forgotten how skirmish-intensive Mirkwood was. No matter, with my trusty soldier Summer the Sage, we were able to triumph in each challenge. In fact, some denizens of Dol Guldur even welcomed us to the fortress.


Autumn leveled to 67 (almost 68) along the way and passed up my former main character Aillas, the Lore-master. Aillas finished up Mirkwood and ventured to Fordirith and the Echad Dagoras area, but did not get much further. He’s been essentially retired to Caras Galadhon and pursuing scholarly arts as various materials are sent his way.

Mirkwood is dark and creepy, and I’m glad to be moving on. (I do enjoy Mirkwood, and the “dark and creepy” atmosphere is as it should be. I think all the zones in LoTRO are pretty good so this isn’t a criticism.)

The first step in gathering the Grey Company is an audience Lord Elrond, so I made my way to Rivendell, and was happy to see one of my favorite views in the game: Rivendell and the Last Homely House.


Autumn did most adventuring in Mirkwood with underleveled gear, which was partly remedied at level 65 when Naerys crafted a set of Malledhrim Haleness armor, and Dhrun crafted some nice jewelry to ago along with it. Aillas even assisted, contributing a Westfold Atlas.

Malledhrim Armor
Malledhrim Armor

My weapon and rune lagged behind, and I hoped to fix that by speaking with Malledhrim reputation vendors in Mirkwood. Unfortunately, despite all Autumn did for the Malledhrim across the Anduin river, they would not speak to her (Autumn is only friend to the Malledhrim). Bah, those ungrateful elves. Since it is beneath my dignity to beg them for gear, I instead visited the auction hall… and discovered a paucity of level 65ish items. (Since the rest of the world is level 95).

But there was a very nice Second Age sword available, for those level 61 and above. Hm… after thinking for a bit I decided to buy it since it was substantially nicer than my current weapon, and reasonably affordable for such a fine relic of the past. And I hope this lasts me to the Galtrev area where I should be able to find an even nicer weapon. I am still on the lookout for a good Rune as well, to replace the one I have used since Moria.

In the meantime, I must gather the Grey Company, and visit lands I have not seen before. (Due to the Gift of the Valar, Autumn leveled over most of Eriador. She has not been to the North Downs, Evendim, Forochel, etc. It’ll be a nice tour and opportunity to open up a few stable masters along the way!)

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