EVE – Plex

I bought a PLEX. Actually I bought 2 of them, one to sell for a nice ~600 million ISK, and another to enable skill training for a second character. What can I say – I play MMOs for fun and this trade of cash for in-game benefits is worth it to me.

Last time I played, I spent way too much time trying to eke out an existence. EVE is tough starting out, because you need ISK to afford ships, modules, and skill books… and some buffer to replenish losses. On top of figuring out various game systems and mechanics. Getting a self sufficient income that is fun to obtain (for me, that means no mining or station trading, and level 1 distribution and security missions get repetitive) takes a while. I know some new players strike it big in low or null sec via piracy/exploration, but I think that is partly a survivor’s fallacy – only the successful ones talk about it.

Anyway, with this pile of ISK, I should be able to get by for a long time. Especially if I’m careful. Heck, just outfitting normal frigates with regular modules, I can almost be recklessly incompetent 😉 and still have enough ISK to tide me over for months. And I intend to be better than that, ha!

Why train a second character? Well my “main” one, Aurora Tian, is my planned combat (security missions) and exploration char. I’d also like to give Planetary Interaction another try, outside hisec, so a second character will train up those skills plus support skills. I’ll also train production and manufacturing skills. Thus, Summer Tian is training as well – at least for 30 days and after that I’ll see how things are going.

As Jester blogged, chars in EVE can be grouped by skill point distribution. If I want one char for “sub capitals” (from his chart) and am interested in another that is “science trade”, then I need to decide whether or not training everything on one char is the way to go. Disadvantages include time spent waiting for training plus waiting for that char to free up what they are doing when I want to try something else. Advantages include cost – one char training on one account is cheaper than another account or another char training.

For now I’m going to double train on one account. It is a little more expensive than a second account, but then if I reach a “good enough” point on that secondary character, I can stop training and still have access to the account and char.

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