LoTRO – To Rohan and more

Yes, I realize Riders of Rohan came out last year, but I only advanced my guardian Naerys to that content. I had fallen quite behind from the days where I had 6 characters through Moria, all awaiting Seige of Mirkwood!

So when Turbine implemented the 100% experience bonus in the days leading up to Helm’s Deep, I took advantage of that and dusted off my burglar Dhrun. And in a very focused fashion, advancing the epic storyline as much as possible (my definition of that: whenever the storyline quest level was lower than my character level, advance the storyline), Dhrun finally arrived at Harwick and earned his War-steed!

Burglar War-steed
Burglar War-steed

Dhrun is now level 81, starting from 67 or 68 just a few weeks ago. Whew!

I played the Gambler traits when they first became available, but switched over the Quiet Knife for the past few… years I guess (!). With the new trait system, I continued with Quiet Knife, spending a few extra points into Mischief Maker to open up Dust in the Eyes, since that is now a skill earned in the trait tree. I’m not sure how I feel about that, but I’ll give it a shot.

Also missing, due to the trait trees in Helm’s Deep, is Mischievous Glee. It is replaced by a trait that grants healing on critical hits, but that doesn’t seem as nice because MG is in “my” control (apply trick, remove it with MG and get some healing) where this is a side effect I don’t control. Still, I’ll give it a shot.

Since Dhrun is about 5 levels over the mobs at the moment, he certainly doesn’t feel squishier like some have mentioned on the forums. Most mobs die with a pass through the crit chain plus an extra hit or two. I’ll see how that goes when the ambient content level is closer or equal to Dhrun’s!


My other characters, besides Naerys, are in various states of crafting. They are all hanging out at Telain Galadhrim, or in the case of my yeoman Suldrun (who in a previous life was a minstrel but now just farms and cooks full time), Michel Delving. Above is an amusing shot of her leveling while growing crops.

Suldrun hugely overproduced Bilberry Pies so my hobbits will have food to eat for many months.

Naerys is a few books ahead of Dhrun in the epic storyline, and is currently wandering the fields outside Edoras. She recently battled Asgája, an Uruk Captain that was threatening the village of Entwade. He succumbed so Naerys hurried back to Entwade to bring the good news to the Thane.

Asgája's Headquarters
Asgája’s Headquarters

For her part, Naerys spent points in the Fighter of Shadow trait tree. Historically, she drew most traits from the Defender of the Free, and decided to mix things up a little and try something different. While it was fun having the Juggernaut skill, which is great for a female hobbit guardian 😉 the new Cataclysmic Shout is also a great one for a tiny character.

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