LoTRO – Dunland

Once again time passes in the blink of an eye; suddenly another 6 weeks has flown since I last wrote!

What I’ve been doing is trying to maximize the nice 100% xp bonus currently in effect, by advancing Dhrun my burglar. He’s in Vol 3 Book 4, which is titled “Rise of Isengard” but can also be called “The Sightseeing Tour of Dunland”. That’s because the structure of the first half (at least) is Nona saying “help the people of the local area and find me over there when you are ready to move on”.


The thing is, I lean towards being a completionist when it comes to quests. But I’ve done all these quests on Naerys, and I want to get Dhrun to Rohan for a Warhorse. So… I’m expediting this by doing as few as possible to level up (general quests and the epic storyline) and moving on even when Dhrun is under the recommended level.

It’s fine so far and with the xp bonus I am advancing the story and leveling quite nicely. This will be my LoTRO focus until Helm’s Deep!

Leaving Galtrev
Leaving Galtrev

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