LoTRO – Warsteed Tweak

I adventured more on Naerys, taking a quest Five Against the Wold. The story was that four refugees wanted to fight back against the Easterlings, and they sought more but only I responded.

Five Against the Wold
Five Against the Wold

This turned out to be a solo instance quest, and a warband to boot! That is, we were all mounted and would fight from our War-steeds. Starting out we were mounted on a hill, and after talking to the leader we rode off to find our enemy.

War-steed Combat
War-steed Combat

The combat was fun and hectic, due to the War-steed mechanics I’m getting a little better at. I mostly charge at full speed at all times, and circle (or figure 8) the enemy, taking shots at them as I pass. I’ll work on perfecting a better War-steed battle technique, but for now this one works for me.

Afterwards, I had some time leftover and I decided to look over my War-steed traits, legendary bridles, and study up a little.

First, I learned that the yellow (Riddermark) traits are generally in the speed and maneuverability area, which is exactly what I want more of. The war-steed has momentum and a turning radius, and doesn’t start, stop and turn on a dime like the regular horses. That’s fine because of the mounted combat, but I want better control as I get used to it. So I redid all my blue traits and spent along the yellow ones. I’ll see if that helps.

Also, I looked over my bridles, as I had not yet equipped one. I know, heresy, since literally any bridle I equip would be better than not having one at all! Well I fixed that. I found one that had some armor and agility legacies, so I bumped up the Fury legacy and then armor and agility ones. And of course, equipped it.

Now my War-steed Keely is much better off and I plan on more improvements as I play. 🙂

On my War-Steed
On my War-Steed

I also assigned some cosmetic enhancements. For the time being I went with a Guardian-steed theme and default colors (dyes seem to be for sale only).

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