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Some of you may remember I used to play LoTRO. 😉 I still do, I’ve just been off chasing the new shiny and taking a break from Middle Earth. However, over the long weekend I decided to share some quality time with my hobbit guardian.

It was a bit overwhelming at first. I respent points on my legendary items (club and belt), fiddled around with my War-steed (which I half remembered how to use)… but LoTRO is fairly forgiving and soon enough I was solving problems for various people in Harwick and Floodwend. It’s nice feeling like a hero!

One almost un-heroic lesson I learned was this: ride your War-steed around the Wold. I do enjoy War-steed combat, but the physics of the horse take me a little getting used to. Thus for general travel, I jump on my Steed of the Guardian. Yes, I splurged in the store and bought that when it was recently up for sale.

As I was crossing the landscape, I ran into a warband. It happened to be that well known miscreant, Hanrun. The warband quickly dismounted me from my Steed of the Guardian, but I wasn’t worried – it was just 3 of them total and guardians are fairly sturdy.

As it turns out, 3 mounted enemies pounding on me, defending from the ground, was not an even fight. I could tell it was not going well and broke off to run to nearby Floodwend, barely making it there alive. Hanrun and his allies gave chase, but eventually turned away. When I was released from combat I immediately called for my War-steed and hunted him down. If he wanted a fight I would give it to him… as long as I was on the correct mount.


Eventually I found him roaming around Sarn Gabir, and engaged for another round. This fight ended differently, as I wasn’t standing on the ground fighting off mounted warriors.

War-steed Traits
War-steed Traits

Later on when I had a quiet moment in Harwick, I examined my War-steed traits and spent points in the blue line, unlocking the Rohirrim capstone Survivability.

I had a fun time in LoTRO, after many weeks away. Naerys hit level 80, so upgraded her armor by spending some tokens at the quartermaster in Harwick. Later I need to look over the legendary bridles I am leveling and equip one, and possibly respend my War-steed traits. There are so many new systems to become knowledgable about, I’m kind of haphazardly going about it right now.

2 thoughts on “LoTRO – Wold”

  1. Your choice of quest reward is dependent upon which type of War-steed you intend to ride. A medium War-steed is the default. (Depending upon your account type or Options purchased from the LOTRO Store , you may have access to either or both of the other types.) Therefore it is recommend that you start your Legendary Bridle levelling with the Medium.

  2. We moved away from the idea of having generic combat skills and we dedicated a lot of resources into making all new mounted combat skills specific to each class. Your class will undoubtedly change when participating in mounted combat, but the essence of the class is there. The class skills were originally being granted as your War-steed leveled, but much of the fun was taken away with this. Now, all of your class skills will be granted to you upon completing the mounted combat tutorial. Other more generic skills can be unlocked to you by ranking up specific War-steed traits.

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