GW2 – Dynamic Event Leveling

I decided to move my mesmer Summer along a bit. At level 27, the next storyline mission was suggested for level 28, so I finished up quests in Brisban Wildlands. Soon enough, I hit level 28 and checked the map – my destination was outside the Ascalon Settlement in the Gendarran Fields, but I hadn’t explored that map much. In fact, I only had the Stoneguard Gate Waypoint in the northwest, from the previous step in my storyline.

I mapped in and started running overland, approaching Nebo Terrace. I detoured to grab the waypoint, and found a dynamic event going on, with several players participating. So I joined in… and was invited to group with 2 other players. I figured what the heck, and accepted the group request. After the event finished, the leader just put a waypoint in chat. I checked the map and saw they had already map traveled away and were running towards another orange circle – how a dynamic event shows up on the map.

Follow the Leader
Follow the Leader

I joined them and as soon we’d finish one, they were off to another. I followed as best I could – I had to take the long route sometimes because I lacked waypoints, but I ran by to collect the ones I didn’t have, and eventually I was able to map travel with them. We continued like this, racking up experience points like crazy.

We hit a cycle of four dynamic events that seemed to be available fairly often: defend Nebo Terrace, kill Veteran and Champion centaurs in a cave, kill Rock Dogs, and defend Ascalon Settlement. Sometimes there were 2 Veteran centaurs in a warcamp we detoured to defeat, detouring from running to another event.

Champion Battle
Champion Battle

It was pretty fun and I think I participated in more Veteran and Champion kills during this time than the whole of my “main” char Aurora (who is level 80). Summer went from level 28 to 31 (halfway to 32) in one evening!

Cave Centaur Champion
Cave Centaur Champion

I hope to group with those two again, but if they keep cranking away like tonight, they’ll be 5-8 levels higher before the next time I’m on. 😉 In that case I’m good with doing the storyline questing along. But I’ll definitely look to join up with other players doing events, it was fun and very efficient.

3 thoughts on “GW2 – Dynamic Event Leveling”

  1. Yeah, doing DE’s by yourself is okay for a while, but it gets really tedious and boring quick. Doing them with other people makes it so much more fun, and suddenly you have done DE’s for over an hour and you are still not bored 😀

    1. I like the group combat against Veteran/Champion mobs. What is very difficult/impossible solo becomes much easier with 1 or 2 extra players, plus the battles are fast paced!

  2. A waypoint, or a magi-matter-transportive device, They’re mini-gates that players can instantly travel to by using the map . Before a character can use a particular waypoint for map travel, it must be discovered through exploration. Undiscovered waypoints will be displayed on the compass and map, and approaching the waypoint will unlock it for that character. Map travel within a city is free, but travel to waypoints in other cities or the rest of the world costs a fee in coin based on the distance between the character’s current location and the destination waypoint and the character’s non-scaled level. During and after dynamic events , waypoints can become contested if the area is taken over by enemies. These waypoints will be unavailable for map travel until they have been liberated. A normal zone typically has between 10 and 20 waypoints.

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