TSW – Finishing up Kingsmouth

I’ve spent my last few play sessions attempting to wrap up Kingsmouth quests. I thought I was almost done, yet by visiting each of the various quest givers, I’ve found most still have a quest (or two) for me to do!

I’ve been experimenting with decks, and have spent my ability points buying skills so I’ve now unlocked 3 starter decks: Trickster, Cagemaster, and Champion, and as a by-product have also unlocked more clothing options (the uniforms associated with each of those starter decks). I like the look of the Trickster the most so I end up wearing that the majority of the time.

Next up will be unlocking the Maverick deck, and then I’ll just accumulate ability points for purchasing “inner circle” abilities. For one, getting decent weapons to cover all these decks take resources, and two, spreading my ability points all over probably isn’t too wise. However, I do like build variety so have 4 starter ones to choose from and switch between is worth it to me.

Quest wise, I’m finding them still fun and the puzzles challenging and mostly fair. OK, I cheat a little by reading along if I’m stuck, but a lot of guides will avoid direct spoilers and give a hint – for example there was a quest the involved a password to log onto a computer. The hint in-game was “my wife’s name” and the hint on the wiki said “check the bodies on the beach”. Sure enough, I found an id card and then, in a leap that doesn’t exist in many other games, I opened a webpage for the fictional corporation (the Orochi Group) and searched around and found the scientist’s wife’s name. Thumbs up!

I also stepped into the next zone, the Savage Coast. I did a quest or two, and soon found myself facing a bigger fight:

Savage Coast Welcome
Savage Coast Welcome

I was able to defeat this monster and wrap up a quest before zipping off to New York to continue my storyline.

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