LoTRO – Combat Speed

As fun as Guild Wars 2 is, I enjoy LoTRO too! So I logged back in and quested a bit in Thinglad, on Naerys my guardian. I think I’m done with the Thinglad quests as my next ones leads to the south, but I’ll probably switch over and advance the epic storyline a bit next time I play.

The first thing I noticed was how slow combat seems in LoTRO compared to GW2. It isn’t a completely fair comparison, because the LoTRO guardian is a typical tank – high defense and low DPS – whereas my elementalist in GW2 is high DPS. Still, I kept thinking about this and finally decided to jot down some notes about combat. I got out a stopwatch, and kept track of how much health I lost during a fight (one on one), and how many skills I used. For this purpose, I counted a keystroke as a skill, and fought using a rotation I would have normally done. That is, I didn’t just rely on autoattack to kill the enemy, and used the best available skill off cooldown. Oh, and I always play Naerys as a sword and shield tank, or more accurately, a club and shield tank (to take advantage of the Hobbit +2% damage on clubs). These results may change in Overpower stance, but I’ve never used that so I don’t have a leveled Legendary weapon or decent legacies, etc.

After taking care of a “kill 10 enemies” sort of quest, and averaging the results:

  • health at the end of comabt: about 80%
  • length of fights: 30-35 seconds
  • number of skills used: 15-20

I think those are representative enough. My LoTRO guard is fairly survivable, leaving a one-on-one on-level combat against a regular foe with about 80% of the health (morale in LoTRO terms). An encounter like that is basically never fatal, or even close. In fact, I often try to draw over 2 enemies at the same time and rotate short-duration stuns and bleeds to make the most of those skills.

The amount of time a fight takes and the number of skills used is interesting. Fights are over faster if I get lucky with a crits, but on average, it takes around half a minute and 15+ keystrokes. I think this is where LoTRO gets its reputation for slow combat… I’ll do some quick measurement in GW2, but I’m positive most fights there (one on one versus regular mobs) take about 5 seconds with 5 skills. On the other hand, the chance of death is much higher since my Asuran elementalist almost always leaves a fight with half health or lower! There is definitely not a 30 second slug-a-thon going on.

Anyway, this isn’t criticism as I do enjoy LoTRO! It’s just a natural comparison to make after several days in GW2 and the much faster/riskier combat there. Another thing I miss from GW2 is the auto-selecting of resource nodes or enemies to loot. Too often I’ll click around in LoTRO for a few seconds before hitting the “del” key, which selects the nearest item, and then have to right-click to “use” it.

The scenery is great in both games. Here is Naerys surveying the elf fortress of Thinglad.


One thought on “LoTRO – Combat Speed”

  1. Weapon skills are pretty straight forward. These are the skills you can use to learn or become better with specific weapons or weapon types. What is listed with depend on your current path in the game ( profession ) and some will remain locked until you are of appropriate level to have them. Basically, you unlock the skill slots by leveling and activate them by assigning skill points to them.

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