GW2 – Difficulty Ramp

Like many others, I’m thoroughly enjoying my time in Guild Wars 2. As much as I love LoTRO, I’m glad Turbine pushed back the Riders of Rohan release… otherwise I’d need more vacation to properly binge. 😉

My Asuran elementalist (Aurora Tian) is now level 18, exploring in Brisban Wildlands. And the difficulty level is definitely higher than in Metrica Province! It is still playable, but I’ve also died several times getting jumped by 2-3 mobs and losing 80% of my health in 2 seconds. The saving grace is other players – by teaming up with them and moving as a big zerg ball, we collectively wipe out whatever threat we are facing, and of course revive each other.

I couldn’t resist playing an alt, and after dabbling and rerolling various characters, I settled on a Human Guardian (Glyneth) who is now level 8. One pleasant surprise was finding out how many weapons a guardian can weild: two-handed weapons (greatsword, hammer); one-handed weapons (sword, mace) with shield or focus or torch; staves and scepters, which give the class a spell-caster feel.. the variety is great and it is a fun and sturdy class so far.

My play style is to explore and shoot for 100% completion for maps on my ele.. except maybe not the jump puzzles. The last one in Metrica proved too difficult for me so I’ll come back to it another time.

Metrica Jump Puzzle
Metrica Jump Puzzle I couldn’t quite do…

On my guard, I’ll focus on opening the hearts and waypoints (so I can move around the map faster).

Brisban Wildlands Vista
Brisban Wildlands Vista

Since my ele is high enough level to start thinking about traits, I studied the wiki page before spending points. Though I play half my time attuned to Fire Magic, I opted to try out the Arcana trait line because I do switch between the other elements often. I’ll see how that goes, and if I miss the damage bonuses by not spending in Fire Magic, I can always switch later on.

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