Burglar Builds

Before Moria, the traits I liked to use on Dhrun were mostly from the Mischief Maker line, which didn’t exist at the time. During Moria, I came around to the Gambler line, after various tweaks which improved viability. Now I’m thinking of trying out the Quiet Knife!

In the Shadows of Angmar timeframe, the traits Dhrun equipped most frequently were:

  • Perplexing Riddle – 5s stun before daze
  • Trickster – Dust in the Eyes becomes AoE
  • Opportunist – increased Counter Defense crit vulnerability
  • Disabling Attack – stronger debuffs from Disable
  • Focused Eye – Aim cooldown reduced 30s

Back then we only had 5 traits, plus 2 legendary traits. I really like those traits, but the issue was that I mostly soloed, and could only put one trick on a mob. So I didn’t really need to buff up every trick – I could just trait the one I’d like to maintain on a mob, leave the rest unenhanced, and find some other useful traits to equip.

Moria brought 3 trait lines to each class, new traits and legendaries, and by the end I used:

  • Perplexing Riddle (MM) – 5s stun before daze
  • Opportunist (MM) – increased Counter Defense crit vulerability
  • Swift and Subtle (G) – Subtle Stab buffs
  • Cruel Odds (G) – increased chance to apply Critical Vulnerability debuff
  • Leaf-WalkerG) – stealth speed buff, gamble chance using Provoke from stealth
  • Honed Wit (G) – Clever Retort cooldown reduced 30s, usable out of Mischief
  • Side-step (G) – evade buff

Moria let us equip 7 traits, plus 3 legendary traits.

With 5 Gambler traits equipped, Dhrun could equip the Gambler capstone legendary Dealings Done, which changes Lucky Strike to Gambler’s Strike and reduces the cooldown by 4 minutes. With a maxed GS/LS coodown legacy, it is possible to have LS up every 15s. This build is fun to play, but is also dependent on the right legacies (GS/LS cooldown, +chance gamble, etc.) The only thing I didn’t like is the random nature of gambles – I’d rather have every effect I place on a mob apply through conscious effort on my part. It isn’t totally random, since some attacks do extra damage on a gambled target, but it boils down to having GS up as often as possible, since it applies a gamble (unless resisted, evaded, etc.)

Now I’m thinking of trying Quiet Knife, which is all about damage enhancement. QK does feature an interesting twist: the capstone legendary trait is Practiced Bluff, changing Feint Attack to Improved Feint Attack, which increases damage and also enables certain “from stealth” skills. One synergy is with the Leaf-walker trait, since that gives Provoke from stealth a chance to apply a disabling (mez) gamble. Another is the Trip skill, a Fellowship Manuever opener normally only usable from stealth.

If I did run Quiet Knife, I’d do something like this:

  • Leaf-Walker (G) – increased stealth speed, increased gamble chance using Provoke from stealth
  • Hidden Dagger (QK) – increased damage from stealth, decreased chance of miss
  • Strike From Shadows (QK) – increased critical chance from stealth
  • Focused Eye (QK) – Aim cooldown reduced 30s
  • Sharp Wit, Sharp Blade (QK) – increased Provoke damage/threat
  • Strategic Planning (QK) – Location is Everything cooldown reduced 120s, increased damage

I listed only 6 traits… the 7th will be either Perplexing Riddle (always great to have that 5s stun buffer on the mez), Honed Wit (use Clever Retort more often), Opportunist, or perhaps a different one entirely. A nice bonus for slotting Honed Wit is 2 traits in the Gambler line gives Clever Retort a 25% of applying a damaging gamble.

What brings about the possibility of a QK build is legendary item shuffling – Dhrun still has his level 59 3rd Age items from Moria, and hasn’t given them up yet because I haven’t found better replacements. Eventually they will have to go, and if I find a QK weapon, I’ll try that. Unfortunately it is like that for burglars, since the capstone legendary skills normally have a 5 min cooldown. If you want to use them at all, you have to trait the capstone which reduces the cooldown to 1 min – much better but still not that great. It comes down to cooldown legacies; if you want to run a certain trait line, you need the right cooldown legacy.

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