Horse Purchase

Daerellean reach level 15 a few days ago, and I received mail directing me to Hengstacer Farm, where horses are available. All my other characters had to wait until level 35 to get a horse, but that seems like an eternity now! Fortunately, the F2P change brought some other options to horse ownership.

For instance, the LoTRO store. I wasn’t sure how much the riding skill sold for in the store, so I opened it up and searched. It was a grand total of… 95 Turbine Points. 95!! My VIP account (former lifetime account) gets 500 every month, so I didn’t even think twice before buying the riding skill and the horse available to me for another 200 silver.

Hengstacer Farm
Daerellean, proud horse owner

This is worth every silver and every Turbine Point, even though the horse is a bit slower than regular horses (132% faster than running versus 162% faster). Later I’ll figure out upgrading to the faster/regular horse, perhaps that becomes an option at level 35. In the meantime, I’m glad Daerellaen doesn’t have to go questing on foot.

2 thoughts on “Horse Purchase”

    1. Thanks for the info! I wasn’t sure what the new levels were for horse ownership, but I am glad to hear it is 20. I look forward to another upgrade soon.

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