Moria Entry

I finished up the introductory quest for Moria on Naerys, so she is now able to enter the Hollin Gate into the Mines of Moria!

Moria Entry
Staircase in Durin's Threshhold

I peeked in, but stepped back out and plan to continue in Eregion before continuing into Moria. I don’t want to skip the content in Eregion, even if I’ve done it before on several other characters. It has been a while so I’d like to see it again.

Pembar Half-Orc
Height boost from a ramp

Back in Eregion, I did the Pembar area quests out of Echad Eregion. While on a quest to gather various items in the ruins, Naerys climbed up a convenient ramp during one fight in order to battle eye-to-eye. 😉 After more battles, Naerys is now ready for the quests southwest of Echad Eregion, in the Barad Morlas area.

Finally, I checked Naerys’ crafting. I remember crafting to Grandmaster Metalsmith, which took forever since I did it before the raw material requirements were toned down. That’s fine because metalsmith was a bit out of whack and took a ridiculous amount of ore.

Several Sellsword (level 51 heavy armor) pieces were improvements to Naerys’ armor, so I decided to craft a set. Fortunately I had a good supply of Khazâd copper and Khazâd tin in my vault, so I only needed to gather a bit more. One wonderful thing I noticed while crafting is the tailor materials weren’t there – before, almost everything a metalsmith made required materials from tailors. Instead, it was just processing the raw ore into ingots and then into bronze and then into 6 pieces of armor. I had some extra so I crafted a heavy shield as well, although the one Naerys currently has is arguably better.

This new gear should last for a bit, but as always I will look to upgrade pieces from quest rewards.

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