Eregion Adventures

Later in the evening I decided to dust off my guardian Naerys and adventure a bit. Poor Naerys had been neglected when Moria released, because I decided to advance my other characters through Moria but also try a new character class, the warden. Basically, my new warden took the place of my guardian.

The guardian is fun to play, so I’ll spread some attention her way.

I wandered Gwingris, checked my quest log, and set out to gather some lost supplies, beat back a nearby threat from Dunlendings, fight a worm and half-orc infestation, and some trash cleanup. It turns out the Fellowship had been through recently, but had to break camp in a hurry and let something behind…

Eregion Campsite
Extra pipeweed for me!

Environmentally friendly AND preventing the enemy from tracking the Fellowship – I felt good about doing my part! I went back to Gwingris to turn in quests and pick up more, and as I hurried away the weather changed. Oh well it even rains in the Shire, I think.

Road to Echad Eregion
Rainy day in Eregion

I took a horse over to Echad Mirobel where the bard is, to swap around traits. I noticed that my starter legendary weapon is a club, and I didn’t have the hobbit club bonus trait equipped. An extra 2% damage isn’t much, but every bit counts, especially when it is essentially for free.

After taking care of that I rode back and fought some hostile trees. It seems something is making Fell Holly Tenders and Twisted Holly attack adventurers… perhaps I’ll get a chance to investigate more. For now, I had to defeat several to gather information.

Twisted Holly
Hobbit versus Tree

This is part of the reason it is fun to play Naerys, a female hobbit guardian. I love the size mismatches versus giant creatures!

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