FF14 – Unlocking Content

I’ve been following a nice schedule with FF14 these past few days:

  • Log in and check the Duty Roulette. If anything shows “Adventurer in Need: Healer”, queue up. This yields bonus Tomestones and/or Company Seals, which I can use for upgrading my equipment (the former) and getting promotions in my Grand Company (the latter).
  • Peck away at the MSQ. This unlocks new areas, grants equipment (however due to the leveling bonus the MSQ gear is generally surpassed by Tomestones gear).
  • Talk to NPCs with the Blue Exclamation Point/Plus quest marker (the icon that heads the Feature Quests and Class Job and Role Quests sections of Quests). This has unlocked glamours, appearance changing, beast quests (kobolds and sahagin so far, although I notice there are many others!), class/job changing quests, hard modes of dungeons, and probably some other stuff I forgot.

There is a ton to do and I don’t have to waste time traveling or looking for groups!

I had to take a detour to continue promotions in my Grand Company, and complete a hunting log. I didn’t notice before but Grand Companies have a hunting log as well as the base classes.

Anyway, a few mobs I needed were inside the Sunken Temple of Qarn, which was one of the dungeons removed from the MSQ in the streamlining. No problem, Duty Finder to the rescue!

It was a fun time, with a Raiders of the Lost Ark vibe. Thanks to Mizztek’s excellent video I could even feign expertise/familiarity with the mechanics.

I peeked ahead in the Seventh Astral Era quest list and see that I’ll need to finish the Crystal Tower Quests in order to advance past a certain point. Those unlock 3 raids, one at a time… looking forward to checking that out!

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