LoTRO – Qualify of Life

I have yet to meet up with my friend that plays on Arkenstone, we apparently have almost perfectly offset schedules, but that’s fine – I decided to make the best of it and join some “alts” to a kinship that is looking to level up and do the SoA content.

I put “alts” in quotes because I have no other higher level chars on Arkenstone (other than the level boosts I used) and I’ll probably wind up playing these lower level chars more.

I decided to start a Lore-master and also a Rune-keeper. I have the least experience playing RK and Captain, so I thought I’d try one of those classes. As for the LM, I wanted to try one again. The LM was one of my original main characters on Landroval, until I accidentally deconstructed their legendary weapon, mistaking its overall level. OOPS! Rather than searching for another one, making do with the much lower level one I was left with, I decided to play my guardian for a bit until the sting of my mistake wore off. And the guardian took over and I never switched back.

My original main char on Landroval was a hunter, which was fun (I find all the classes to be fun) but I want to have more flexibility that only being DPS. So I’m unlikely to seriously play a hunter or champion, leaving me with only 8 other classes to choose from which is plenty!

Playing LoTRO makes me so happy – I love the music and setting, storyline, classes and heck, even the quests although most quests are old school kill or escort quests. But many are humorous or tell a small story or have great writing.


Other games may look better but I think LoTRO does just fine in the graphics department.

My character feels powerful. I know over the years the devs have tweaked damage and experience gain, but at level 31 my Lore-master hasn’t had a defeat and quests plenty fast (compared to my priest in WoW!). I’m expecting that to change but even twice as long killing enemies will be faster than I remember back on the original SoA days.

Another major draw is the quality of life additions LoTRO has that WoW Classic doesn’t. Fast travel in LoTRO is actual fast travel – horse rides a few seconds, loading screen, you appear at the destination. Flying in WoW Classic can still take 20+ minutes to reach your destination. This was an issue I had trying to quest in Un’goro Crater from being based in IronForge – it was a flight, ship ride, flight to Gadgetzan, then another 5-10 mins on the mount, just to get to where the mobs were. Ugh!


LoTRO allows multiple milestones (analogous to having multiple hearthstones in WoW) and traits to lower the cooldown all the way to 5 mins. These are store items, but I’m VIP with coins to spend on decreasing downtime so I can spend more time playing the game.

LoTRO has in-game mail that actually delivers immediately (one hour in WoW Classic), shared storage (not in WoW Classic), you get one large bag from the start, and between not charging for skills (original LoTRO did charge characters to learn their skills but that went away possibly a decade ago at this point), quest rewards, and daily login rewards, I have plenty of money to buy a mount, repair gear, and purchase supplies for crafting… without specifically farming gold.

I just play and it’s great.

To help starting off on a new server, I bought some coins in the store. I don’t mind throwing in some money in lieu of a sub. I bought my characters extra milestone skills, milestone cooldown skills, and a stack of 5 experience scrolls, the +100% variety.

I joined a kinship that wants to run the content on-level, with the current goal of the level 50 instances in Angmar (Urugarth, Carn Dûm, Barad Gúlaran) – so my goal is to get my LM to the high 40’s ASAP. To that end, if I’m questing for an hour, I’ll pop an experience scroll. After than runs out is when I do other tasks such as distributing items between chars, riding out to grab a horse point for the first time, a class quest, or minimal crafting so I can harvest at the next higher tier. Once we have enough players to run the instances, I suppose we’ll all play an elaborate game of character-leap-frogging to level up to the next group of instances.


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