EVE – Activity After a Lull

I had been playing the skill queue shuffling game in EVE for weeks. The good news is Aurora is getting to be a better Battlecruiser pilot; the bad news is I haven’t actually done much else. So I logged in over the weekend resolved to play a bit.

On Summer I exported Planetary Goods and also picked them up with the Epithal. My overview settings weren’t showing anything for some reason, so I had to spend a few minutes digging through to find what to enable. After I while I found what I needed: Orbitals->Orbital Infrastructure made the customs offices display again, and Celestial->Planet made the planets show up. I wonder why that tab quit working but whatever, I fixed it. Huzzah.

The most recent corporate bookmarks were from a few days ago, which were undoubtedly out-of-date, so I switched over to Aurora to scan for my exit out. There were 8 (!!) cosmic signatures to resolve; 6 of those were wormholes (a mix of K162, N110, E004, C125) and the other 2 were gas sites. After finding the N110 I popped out into hisec and found it led to Bereye, very conveniently located near Dodixie (meaning, only 8 jumps).

After saving several bookmarks I switched back to Summer so I could haul the PI goods to market. Except… I noticed Aurora’s scanning ship was no longer insured. I supposed it had been several weeks since I last ran hisec errands (well, anywhere I could purchase insurance which for me is hisec). So I did a side errand of piloting the Buzzard and the Drake to Bereye to re-up the insurance.

Then I switched over to Summer and hauled goods to market (and also re-insured the Epithal). Then I did the same thing on Autumn – updating planetary production, picking up good, hauling to market.

It didn’t even feel like I got that much done, but it still took over 3 hours to do it all. Ugh.

My subscription is up in a few days and after some deliberation, I decided to do another 3 months. I do like EVE but sometimes the logistics are a little too close to reality for me. 😉

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