Barad Morlas

I finished up the Barad Morlas area quests on Naerys, and set my milestone at Echad Dunann.
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Moria Entry

I finished up the introductory quest for Moria on Naerys, so she is now able to enter the Hollin Gate into the Mines of Moria!

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Eregion Adventures

Later in the evening I decided to dust off my guardian Naerys and adventure a bit. Poor Naerys had been neglected when Moria released, because I decided to advance my other characters through Moria but also try a new character class, the warden. Basically, my new warden took the place of my guardian.

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Black Sunday

I didn’t get to play much over the long weekend, but I was able to do some shopping in game. ­čÖé

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Monthly Fees

I mentioned in an earlier post that I’m currently only playing Free-to-Play (a.k.a. f2p, freemium, microtransaction supported, whatever you want to call them) MMOs right now.

But I also don’t mind subscribing to one game at a time. After all, $15 a month is a bargain, there isn’t much else that gives the same entertainment value (time-wise) for the money. Plus, multi-month subscriptions are typically discounted a bit. And I’m not talking about playing every waking moment either – I think even if you just play 5 hours a week, 20 hours a month, the subscription is worth it. Heck, only Netflix might be a better deal than an MMO subscription.

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I decided to spend a little time questing in Mirkwood, and advance in the epic quests another time. I’d like to advance to the next outpost, which I think is a haunted inn (vague memory from questing on my LM), and then work on the storyline.

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