ESO – Birth of a Tank

I reached level 50 on my tank, a health Dragonknight. This is great timing because another friend of mine, also a mutual friend with my friend that currently plays, is joining the game!

They are interested in the Dragonknight as far as melee DPS. My friend that plays currently is also a DPS Dragonknight (stamina build). With my tank Dragonknight we’ll make an unconventional group of 3 Dragonknights! Haha.

My first order of business was to equip all the level 50/cp 160 gear I had saved away for my tank. That consists of Ebon gear, Tormentor gear, Radiant Bastion gear, with a smattering of miscellaneous pieces. I mostly wore Ebon and Radiant Bastion gear, and got the red swirlies from the Ebon set bonus.

But then I did some research, late I know, but better than never. And I’m going to re-equip with the “beginning tank” gear recommended by the ESO Tank Club. That means obtaining Armor of the Seducer and Akaviri Dragonguard equipment.

Good thing is Armor of the Seducer is a crafted set. So, easy to get, right? After all, I have a crafter…

Let this be a lesson to everyone else, I screwed up crafting this 2 times before getting it right. So the 3rd set I finally made it without basic errors.

First error was leaving off the Sturdy trait. I took Mayzib, my crafter, to the crafting location in Deshaan, selected CP 160 gear, sturdy trait, went to craft… and got a warning message along the lines of “warning: you are crafting Rubedite armor which won’t have the set bonus available at this crafting station”.

Basically, there are extra tabs for a crafting location set, and you need to be on the correct tab. So I shifted over to the set tab and cranked out 5 pieces, upgraded them all to epic (purple).

It was then I noticed, mistake #1, the study trait was missing. What happened was when I moved from the regular set tab to the location set tab, the default moved back to “no trait”.

Argh! Oh well, deconstruct all the stuff to recover some materials, and try again.

I did all that stuff, crafted 5 pieces, upgraded to epic, and then recalled to Rimmen to craft glyphs. The recommended glyphs for the Seducer pieces are 2 stamina, and 3 magicka. So I made epic glyphs, and applied them to the armor…

That was mistake #2. See, applying glyphs binds the armor to the character.



Deconstruct all the stuff to recover some materials… grrr.

On attempt 3, I made the armor with the trait, made the glyphs and didn’t apply them, and then stuck them all into the bank for Wayness (my tank) to collect and perform final assembly on.

That was a painful lesson in crafting. Fortunately it was for myself, if somebody had paid me to craft for them (or supplied the materials) I’d have lost 2x the raw materials and felt pretty dumb. Wait, the feeling dumb part still happened.

The other armor set, Akaviri Dragonguard, is an overland set from Eastmarch, so I’ll be questing along there as well as doing delves and dolmens looking for weapons and jewelry. Until I get the pieces, I’ll wear Ebon armor in those slots.

Soon I’ll try queuing for normal dungeons and trying my hand at tanking. And of course tanking for my friends. We had great success 2-manning several dungeons, 3-manning may let us work through DLC dungeons and the ones that were problematic for duos.

FF14 – Stormblood

I finally made it to Stormblood! The significance here includes the usual: continuing the storyline, new zones, gear upgrades, new dungeons, new class/job quests… but let’s rewind slightly.

It was only a few quests from where I left off to the final quest in the Dragonsong War sequence (The Far Edge of Fate), with the mandatory dungeon Baelsar’s Wall on the way.

No problem, I prepped by watching MTQCapture’s excellent video. These videos are short and to the point, and allow me to have some idea of what to expect. All things being equal, I’d rather not go into anything blind, especially playing a healer.

And it helped! Well, I can’t really run an experiment where I compare results of me going in blind versus me going in after watching MTQCapture’s videos, but we made it through without any problems.

Onward into Gyr Abania!

Completing The Far Edge of Fate should let me start the next round of job quests, which for me are Summoner, Scholar, Astrologian, Dancer and Ninja… all my jobs that are high enough level to have job quests unlocked by finishing Far Edge of Fate. I’ll peck away after I remember where to go and who to talk to.

I quested to Rhalgar’s Reach, literally the 2nd quest into the Stormblood MSQ, and did some light exploring and questing around. Got reacquainted with my aether-compass because I want to unlock flying in these zones… eventually.

ESO – Housing

Housing in ESO is very functional. For one, each house is a free recall point. So the more houses you buy the more locations around the game you can freely recall to. You can build up a secondary portal network for yourself. And yes, that’s expensive. But a few houses here and there are cheap and extremely handy.


First would be Mara’s Kiss Public House in Auridon. This house is the absolute closest to a Wayshrine of any (affordable) house I’ve seen. Just recall outside the house, which puts you steps from the inn door, which is steps from the wayshrine.

Another handy house is Snugpod in Grahtwood. This house is already outside, so if you recall outside the house, you are good to go. The Undaunted Enclave is just up the road, guild traders nearby, all sorts of stuff in Elden Root. Even if it is annoying to navigate that city.

Up there in usefulness is Flaming Nix Deluxe Garret, in Mournhold, because Mournhold offers an Undaunted Enclave, Fighter’s and Mage’s guilds, Master Writ turn ins, and the usual other stuff.

My friend is more familiar with Wayrest, but there isn’t a cheap house for sale there – the one in the city is Gardner House for a cool 1 million gold. The other capital with nice services is Elden Root and the zoning around is annoying. So all my chars visit Mournhold for Undaunted/Fighter/Mage stuff. Well OK, Elden Root is fine if all I need to do is Undaunted. 😉

Saint Delyn Penthouse in Vivec City is nice to have also, because Vivec has a fantastic crafting/writ layout. All the stations are in a circle around 2 banks!

For a larger home, I recommend doing the Northern Elsweyr zone quests in order to get the Hall of the Lunar Champion, plus the first wing. No cost, gigantic, and Rimmen is a good city for to base out of as well.


OK, this is essentially expected. A housing system that doesn’t let you decorate? The playerbase would just ignore the entire system.

Decorations come from many sources: crafting, dungeon trophies, the antiquities system, purchases.

I’ve devoted one corner to the boss trophies from doing dungeons with my friend. Outside houses the larger items, mostly antiquities. It’s fun to display these items.


So ESO housing offers lots of decorating possibilities, and a free travel network with locations sprinkled all around the world. But what elevates ESO housing above other games I’ve played, as far as housing usefulness, are services furnishings.

Disclaimer: I’m not rich enough in FF14 to try out what is available there. But I get the idea items are mostly along the decorating and visual appearance side of things.

Services Furnishings are things like:

  • Mundus Stones – those buffs available from rock pillars on the landscape. Got a few you switch between? Install them in your home and don’t spend time riding out to them.
  • Crafting stations – are you a hardcore crafter and get tired of someone’s pet blocking the crafting station? Install one in your house!
  • Training dummies – want to test your DPS? Practice a new combat rotation? Get a damage sponge that doesn’t fight back, pair with an Aetherial Well to recover faster in between bouts.
  • Storage chest – keep things here to separate them from appearing at crafting stations.
  • Assistants – you can have your own merchant, banker, and fence for convenience!

I don’t have any of this stuff, other than the merchant and banker, and I’m very close to unlocking the fence. Some of these items (training dummies, perhaps a key mundus stone or two) are almost expected for a guild house.

Speaking of guild housing… I don’t think there is any specially designated guild house. It’s just a house that a guild member owns where they have set the permissions to allow visitors. Typically that would be the guild leader, but I don’t think it has to be. If you want to visit, find that player in the roster and “travel to house”.

In LoTRO, if the kinship has a kin house, you get a special recall ability to it. In FF14, your Free Company Estate House will appear in your teleport menu.

EDIT: as Sylow notes in the comments, ESO’s housing system allows a guild to split various functions between multiple homes. I had not thought of this advantage!

LoTRO – Housing

Unlike FF14, housing in LoTRO never seemed to be a gathering place. I bet that has a lot to do with the design that lets Free Company members buy an apartment inside the Estate House. So it is natural to visit in the Estate in order to then visit your room, decorate it or whatever, and then hang out and chat with people.

LoTRO housing does provide two free milestones – one for your house, and one for your kinship house (if you are in a kinship that has a house). There are a handful of vendors around, and it has been a while since I’ve investigated, but not too much else in the housing neighborhood instance.

My original house was a hobbit house because I liked the aesthetics. I had decorated a little, mostly food and library themed, plus whatever artwork and/or trophies various quests and milestones in the epic storyline gave.

Crafted rug, bookshelf, songbird, storage chest, and Portrait of Narmaleth (Vol 1 quest reward)

But, this original housing, required an upkeep fee. You could pay in advance, it wasn’t really that much, but when premium housing rolled out, that didn’t require monthly upkeep for VIP players, I switched to that.

Luxurious house in the Cape of Belfelas district.

My 2nd house is quite a bit larger than the hobbit home, with several rooms, an outdoor space, lots of hooks for furniture, etc. I had enough room to put all my stuff out and even then several rooms and walls are empty.

Posing next to my Seer’s Orb. Which looks a lot like a palantir…

This is all on Landroval… so not really the server I actively play on anymore. The house is still there and I log in and check kinship/friends lists for a bit before logging off again.

Decorating the house was fun but also not something I felt like doing repeatedly (i.e. rearranging stuff). So after the initial work I didn’t do much with it except use it as a free milestone, but even then I didn’t need the extra recall to the Shire that often.

Thus, on Arkenstone and also on Shadowfax, I am not in any kind of a hurry to get a house.

FF14 – Free Company

I was blind invited to a guild while running around Limsa Lominsa. The recruiter was polite, messaging if I’d consider joining a Free Company (guild), and after a few seconds I responded sure! And moments after that, I received an invite which I accepted.

I was invited to visit the FC house… and I had to ask how to do that, which another FC member answered quickly. (Pull up the teleport menu and Mist – Estate Hall is the first entry once you join). Then I got a ~30 minute tour, which involved visiting some common areas and private quarters which had been decorated to be 3D puzzle rooms, a disco, art display area featuring a motorcycle-dragon hybrid sculpture, near total sci-fi rethemes, casinos, etc. It was a testament to the creativity of players and what the housing system supports.

I was on the Blue Mage job at the time, so in the mid teens level-wise. My new FC-mate told me that I could buy a private chamber in the house after reaching level 50, 2nd Lieutenant in my Grand Company, and spending 300K gil. They probably thought it was an aspirational goal… except I already meet those requirements, even if I didn’t look like I did at the time. Haha!!

I figured what the heck and bought a room. This resulted in several “hey congrats!” in FC chat.

Night view of the beach from the gazebo in front of the SOS Estate Hall.

The FC is SOS, Spawn of Shadows, and the in-game info panel says they/we are “LGBTQ+ Allies, All inclusive – Laidback FC for both RP and content fun! Laugh, live, wipe, clear, and repeat!”

Sounds fine, I’m just there to enjoy the game with other players.

Every time I visit the Estate Hall there are a handful of guildies… I mean Free Company um… yeah I’m just going to go with guildies, hanging around the front lawn.

Poking around the FC discord shows these folks are really into RP events. There is a weekly schedule which looks coordinated with other FCs on other servers. How does that work? Anyway, there are also a large number of pictures of players showing of their outfits and various events, and notices for upcoming dance/music/RP events. I’m kinda curious what goes on so I might try to show up and observe and maybe participate…?

As far as housing, my private chamber is pretty sad looking. I placed a desk, pile of books, room divider, and futon. I need some plants and something on the walls!

There is a #fashion-reporter channel in the FC discord, which links to weekly Twitter updates and appears to be related to some kind of mini-game available at the Golden Saucer. What the… I’ve never seen this kind of content in an MMO.

Well I’m worried now! The biggest risk to my continued membership might be my bland wardrobe. Currently all my gear is Shire armor/weapons for all jobs/classes high enough level to wear it, so they may kick me out for violating a minimum standard dress code. 😉


I’ve been pretty lucky with guilds in various games. I’ve never researched or pursued one, I either respond in chat to a general recruitment pitch, or accept a blind invite, or actually know somebody in real life and they add me to their guild (this is the preferred method but obviously is not always available). And it has worked out well.

In LoTRO on Anor, one of the earlier Legendary Servers, I saw a guild recruiting in world chat and joined up. I am embarrassed but I can’t remember the name of the guild, I think it was Council of the North, but I didn’t wind up playing on Anor much and I have been since kicked out. Which is fair, guilds need active players, not ghosts.

Way back in Guild Wars, I was blind invited to a guild named The Helpful Guild (THG). Maybe not the most threatening sounding guild, but the players were indeed chatty and helpful. Recruitment went well and we had a core of half a dozen who were frequently on (including me) and loved to run the missions. Over time the leader of THG got busy with real life and stepped back but it was fine because by then we had an allied guild, Sacred Forge Knights (SFK), that was double our size so as I remember it, we basically were absorbed. And continued in the same vein except with twice as many players. Good times until GW2 released and we sort of dissolved with players split between the games and so forth.

In WoW Retail around the Warlords of Draenor time, four coworkers played (!!) so I subbed and joined their guild, The Honor Guard, which was funny because it also had the initials THG. The playerbase may have hated WoD but it was the high point for me in WoW because I played a healer (mistweaver monk) and had a raid spot. It was a ton of fun because the guild was chilled out, we weren’t pursuing world firsts or any of that stuff, just having fun trying to beat the content and having decent success. Good times but unfortunately, real life conflicts cropped up and I had to stop raiding.

In LoTRO in the 2007-2009 era, the heydey I suppose, I joined the Keepers of Ayrshire. I had a friend I knew from Guild Wars and she joined Keepers of Aryshire, and then suggested I joined. We played together in GW but were never in the same guild until Keepers of Aryshire, which we found amusing. This was great, lots of groups to try out dungeons, guild events (I wrote a quiz where the answers were taken from the deed log), raiding. After 2010 the guild started to thin out mostly because players wanted to try out some different games. And in that era of 2010-2012 there was stuff coming out constantly or already launched. I remember players talking about Age of Conan, Secret World, Rift, Guild Wars 2, etc. Nobody’s fault but I think we were a good example of the recruitment adage: if you aren’t growing, you’re dying.

So when I see guilds constantly recruiting… I understand. You have to in order to stay healthy, active, viable.

ESO – Lots of Quests

ESO has a lot of stories to tell.

There is the base game main quest (starts with “Soulshriven in Coldharbour”). Each zone in the base game has a storyline, where you are generally saving the population from some threat, and as you progress you convince various races to join an alliance.

Each DLC has a storyline. Each guild has a storyline (and skill line too) – except the Undaunted with no real storyline. But they do have 4 NPCs happy to give you daily quests. My favorite is Maj al-Ragath who occasionally makes fun of you.

She is, of course, taunting you to motivate you to be the fierce warrior she knows you are.

Each dungeon has a quest associated with it, as far as I’ve seen. Same thing with each delve, and each public dungeon. And then are the dozens and dozens of side quests in each zone.

So if you enjoy the content, you will not be bored. There is a massive amount available!

I’m going for completionist – sort of – on my main, Mayzib the Magicka Templar. I’ve done the Fighter’s Guild, Mage’s Guild, and am working on Psijic Order. My alt Sarroc the Stamina Warden, also my criminal character, is advancing Thieves Guild and Dark Brotherhood, and has completed Dark Brotherhood but not the last quest for Thieves Guild (need higher reputation to get it).

My main has finished the main quest and is currently working on Cadwell’s Silver. What’s that one? Well once you finish the main quest you get the option of doing the zone quests (and some side quests) of 2nd alliance (Cadwell’s Silver) and then the 3rd alliance (Cadwell’s Gold). Since I’m a Dark Elf in the Ebonheart Pact, Cadwell’s Silver sends me out to the Daggerfall Covenant where I’ve finished what is required in Glenumbra and Stormhaven, and am at Riverspire. Yes I’m just going in the listed order.

You don’t need to do all the zone quests for Cadwell’s Silver/Gold, but I am because I like to grab the extra skill points available. For instance, in Rivenspire I just need to find/complete what is listed… for me the easiest way to do that is just play the zone storyline and then search for the side quests (if any) to complete the Almanac entry.

For various reasons I jumped out of order and have completed the Craglorn storyline, Western Skyrim zone storyline (because I wanted Winter’s Respite gear), and the Northern Elsweyr zone storyline (because I wanted my Hall of Lunar Champions and first wing). However my plan it to largely do the DLCs in order. Except once again I might jump Southern Elsweyr to the top because I want the second wing of my mansion. 🙂

For a while I was also doing zone completion, but that adds a lot of time. It’s fun time, but I decided to expedite my travels through the game and concentrate on zone storylines before side quests. However, I am achievement driven and plan to circle back to get completion on zones.

There’s always exceptions to be made, and gear is one of them. If an overland gear set has pieces available from side quests, I’ll do those. E.g. Mother’s Sorrow gear from Deshaan; Briarheart gear from Wrothgar. On the other hand, those can usually be purchased at guild traders.

I find the zone guide very useful – I like looking at it and see it all filled in.

LoTRO – Vol 1 Book 1

To time to see what playing on Shadowfax is like.

One new thing added to the game is a way to increase landscape questing difficulty. I figured what the heck and chose “Deadly”, since that was the lowest difficulty that grants the “Disciple of …” title. Since I’ll be playing a Beorning, the title will be “Disciple of Claws”.

To be clear, that is simply Deadly, not any of the +1 to +6 levels of it.

In exchange for some xp bonuses, I’ll be taking more damage and also have the “Eye of Sauron” debuff. I wondered what that was, but it was not long into the game that I found out.

The Eye of Sauron gives a chance to spawn a column of fire. There’s large AoE ground effect warning a few seconds before, so if you are watching you can move out. However it also means keeping an escape avenue open during fights in case this debuff triggers. Keeps you on your toes, so to speak.

I don’t want to be one of these old-timer “get off my lawn” types, but Deadly difficulty felt like… how the game was during the Shadow of Angmar days. Before Mines of Moria and so on, landscape fights were tougher. I know over the years they’ve ratcheted down the challenge in order to help speed leveling, and I’ll stake my possibly shaky memories that Deadly was how it used to be. Tougher, challenging, but absolutely fair/reasonable if you started fights carefully and watched for adds. Still very soloable but grouping with a friend was always welcome.

I had to fight slower and be more careful, as opposed to wading in and mowing everything down like on the regular servers, but I thought it was fine.

My closest call to defeat was during the Dirk Hawthorn fight near Adso’s Camp. I saw 2 groups of 3 adds pinching in from left and right, so I backed up as fast as possible to draw Dirk away and kept fighting. I didn’t want to turn my fight against Dirk into Dirk plus 6 adds.

The xp boosts didn’t quite level me up to stay on-level with the Epic Storyline, but it was reasonably close. I did a few side quests along the way and was also willing to try a quest if I was one level under the recommended.

Eventually, I reached level 20 without defeat and obtained “The Undying”.

Now it was time to get serious and tackle Othongroth of Vol 1 Book 1. For this, I buffed up with food and headed in…

Most fights were one or two at a time, so with the practice of landscape questing on Deadly difficulty, it was fine. I reached Sambrog, fought him until he healed up twice and Tom Bombadil showed up to zap him.

According to /played, I’ve spent 6 hours and 45 minutes on this char over that past few days, at the point I finished Vol 1 Book 1, talked to Gandalf and gotten the prelude for Book 2 (talk to Saeradan and go to the Lone Lands). That’s all questing, fighting, travel because I’ve done zero crafting.

I’m not claiming this as some kind of speed record, it is more to mention that playing solo, playing careful, not dying, and doing just enough side quests to stay on-level with the epic storyline, on Deadly difficulty, isn’t bad at all.

If I had infinite time I’d try on Treebeard just to compare how much time it would take. If I calculate various xp bonuses/penalties correct, I’d get about half the experience on Treebeard that I get on Shadowfax, so that would mean needing many more side quests to stay on-level. Which I would guesstimate to mean roughly 2x the time needed.

Anyway, much to think about. Continue on the Shadowfax, try Treebeard, go back to Arkenstone, etc. I had fun on Shadowfax, I like the difficulty options. But it’ll be a lot of time to get back to where I was even on Arkenstone (Book 5) plus virtues to grind so my char isn’t a total gimp.

FF14 – Easing Back In

I decided on a multi-prong strategy for easing back into playing FF14. The game is fantastic but I need to refresh how to play my character. Extra complication there is ramping up on multiple jobs.

However, I’ll simplify and concentrate on one for the time being. That would be Astrologian, my highest level non-80. (Arcanist and thus Summoner and Scholar are level 80). Hey, might as well level a job while also working along in the MSQ!

I had left off almost done with the Dragonsong War quests – Griffin, Griffin on the Wall which requires Baelsar’s Wall (dungeon). But before jumping into Baelsar’s Wall, I decided queue up for a few roulettes first.

First up, the ARR MSQ offerings which are either Castrum Meridianum or The Praetorium. These are the infamous dungeons with lengthy cutscenes, a mistake the devs learned not to repeat. (Since these dungeons throttle the MSQ, you have to do them. Over time, players would skip the cutscenes and rush to the next mini-boss and defeat them, triggering the next cutscene. Players who wanted to watch the story – typical if it is your first time through – would end up watching nothing but cutscenes, do no fighting, and complete the dungeon. So they changed it to unskippable cutscenes and a sweetened rewards pot for repeat players. Because of this, these two dungeons are their own little roulette category.)

Anyway, I got Castrum Meridianum, which I prefer because Praetorium is kind of heavy on the cutscenes. I think I timed it as 45 mins to complete, half of which is villain exposition. Although Gaius van Baelsar does pop off one of my favorite evil villain quotes, railing against “creeping mendacity”. hehe. The other annoyance of Praetorium is quasi session-play where you get in an armored tank and have new skills for fighting, for a bit. That’s cool when done well (e.g. LoTRO where you revisit some historical figure and play as them with overpowered skills) but here I get to shoot a laser or throw a bomb. Which is fine but I picked my class/job to play those skills, not armored chicken skills.

One stunner was this was my first group that actually fought every mob on the way, instead of running past all the trash to get needed items and/or fight the mini-boss to advance to the next area. It was quite surprisingly and welcome, because I was also re-acquainting myself with my various attacks and heals.

After this success I queued for a Alliance Raid and got a Labyrinth of the Ancients selection: Syrcus Tower. Whew, I’m glad it wasn’t World of Darkness because Angra Mainyu can be a tough fight.

That went well so I decided to queuing for a leveling roulette, and I got Sohm Al. Here is where my rusty play started to show.

First, somehow my Sect buff got turned off. Astrologians have two skills (Diurnal Sect, Nocturnal Sect) that add an extra effect (regen, shield) to some skills (Aspected Benefic, Aspected Helios). The catch is those skills won’t work unless you are running one of the buffs, and the message you get is something like “skill isn’t ready for use yet” and not something better like “need diurnal/noctural sect running”.

So pretty quickly in the dungeon, one DPS died because I was trying to heal them with a skill that threw errors. It took me too long to remember what the error meant. But, they didn’t say anything when I rezzed them other than “Thank you”. I felt bad, and of course turned on Nocturnal Sect.

Progress went well until the final fight against Tioman. Here the problem was me getting caught in a telegraphed attack. Tioman does a attack called Chaos Blast that I would describe as an asterisk pattern plus small AoE around each player. I positioned myself too close to other players and couldn’t run out of the AoE fast enough and died…. once, twice, three times. Grrrr. First time was a surprise, second time I was rezzing someone and waited just a fraction too long, third time I was stuck in a large overlap and was doomed. Unfortunately my demises eventually lead to wipes since nobody else could heal.

On the fourth time, I hung out towards the edge of the arena, maximizing the area of safety I could run to. And we won. I’m sure the rest of the group was as relieved as I was.

Group was chill the entire time, and I even got a commendation. Probably somebody realizing I was a returning player and a bit rusty. They can tell because I have the “returning player” status icon instead of the “new adventurer” icon (a.k.a. sprout). Plus the game automatically adds you to the Novice Network chat channel when you return as I did, after taking some time off. So I also have the “joined novice network” (sprout with halo) icon.


I like having a storyline to follow in an MMO.

The first one I played, Asheron’s Call, didn’t have that. In contrast, the second one I played, Guild Wars, did and I really enjoyed it. I liked advancing the plot, I enjoyed the missions; same with the expansions Factions, Nightfall, and Eye of the North.

Fast forward a bit to LoTRO and it’s lengthy storyline. I love that. In fact I’m looking forward to starting on a new server and progressing through Vol 1 Book 1 to …checks wiki… The Legacy of Durin and the Trials of the Dwarves.

ESO also has a storyline, multiple storylines actually. There’s the original main quest of the base game (starts with Soulshriven in Coldharbour), a storyline for each zone, a storyline for each guild… plus the usual boatloads of side quests.

FF14 has a very long MSQ (main sequence quests) that leads you through the game. In fact you need to go through it to unlock feature like mounts, airship travel between cities, the ability to return to an aetheryte crystal, joining a Grand Company, the ability to swap classes/jobs… Heck entire zones are unlocked as I found out. I tried to run across the Dravanian Hinterlands to get into Idyllshire early to buy some armor, but that doesn’t work because you can’t get in until you, you guessed it, advance the MSQ.

Another MMO with a great storyline that I’m not currently trying to juggle into my rotation is Secret World, oops I mean Secret World Legends. I got stuck and couldn’t pass a mission to advance the plot and rage quit after trying a half-dozen times. Well partly rage quit – I didn’t delete my characters and then rant on the forums. I just stopped playing. Maybe I’ll try again…