Max Titles

I decided to add another goal to my Guild Wars list – get to 15 max titles, for “I’m Very Important”.

It isn’t far off by some measurements, because my ranger Dawn is at 13 already (the “People Know Me” level), so I just need 2 more max titles. It is far off by other measurements, such as amount of time needed. 😉

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Mini Pet HoM Boost

One great and unexpected bonus came from searching all my characters yesterday – I dug up 8 minipets I hadn’t dedicated to my Hall of Monuments. 8! That catapulted me from 28 minipets to 36 minipets, so I picked another Hall of Monuments point for displaying 30 minipets, and am in striking range of displaying 40 minipets for another point.

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I mentioned I had something to attend to, before working towards 30 points for my Hall of Monuments. That something is: recreate my templates (saved builds).

I upgraded to a new computer a few months ago, and forgot to copy the templates to my new machine. My old computer is long gone and so are my old saved builds. Each character and hero has the single build they last loaded, but that’s it.

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Hall of Monuments

I played Guild Wars heavily from November 2005 to roughly November 2007. I still dabble here and there, but my playtime took a major nosedive, due to another game I took up, to be detailed in a future post.

I’ve played through Prophecies, Factions, and Nightfall on multiple characters, and completed EoTN on two (I believe), but my playtime tailed off shortly afterwards.  I completed the bonus missions, did a few Zaishen quests (to get the extra storage bag), but never did visit all the EoTN dungeons and honestly kinda lost track of the game recently. For instance, I didn’t realize some new content in the form of War in Kryta came out… months ago!

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