Stormreach Arrival

My goal tonight was to finish off the Korthos Island slayer quest, as well as Misery’s Peak.

The slayer quest was no problem, as I only 50 or so enemies to kill to hit 200… which I thought was the finish. There is another tier above that, of 400 kills, and I decided the xp bonus for reaching it wasn’t worth the time. So I moved along and entered Misery’s Peak.

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Cannith Manufactury

I planned to play a few hours of DDO, but I wound up only squeezing in ~30 mins or so.

With that I picked up the next round of quests in Korthos Village, and ventured outside the gate to the rest of the island. After wandering around and fighting mobs that attacked me, I found myself in front of the Cannith Manufactury, which is tied to the Redemption quest. So I ventured in to look for Lars Heyton, lost inside.

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