ESO – Housing

Housing in ESO is very functional. For one, each house is a free recall point. So the more houses you buy the more locations around the game you can freely recall to. You can build up a secondary portal network for yourself. And yes, that’s expensive. But a few houses here and there are cheap and extremely handy.


First would be Mara’s Kiss Public House in Auridon. This house is the absolute closest to a Wayshrine of any (affordable) house I’ve seen. Just recall outside the house, which puts you steps from the inn door, which is steps from the wayshrine.

Another handy house is Snugpod in Grahtwood. This house is already outside, so if you recall outside the house, you are good to go. The Undaunted Enclave is just up the road, guild traders nearby, all sorts of stuff in Elden Root. Even if it is annoying to navigate that city.

Up there in usefulness is Flaming Nix Deluxe Garret, in Mournhold, because Mournhold offers an Undaunted Enclave, Fighter’s and Mage’s guilds, Master Writ turn ins, and the usual other stuff.

My friend is more familiar with Wayrest, but there isn’t a cheap house for sale there – the one in the city is Gardner House for a cool 1 million gold. The other capital with nice services is Elden Root and the zoning around is annoying. So all my chars visit Mournhold for Undaunted/Fighter/Mage stuff. Well OK, Elden Root is fine if all I need to do is Undaunted. 😉

Saint Delyn Penthouse in Vivec City is nice to have also, because Vivec has a fantastic crafting/writ layout. All the stations are in a circle around 2 banks!

For a larger home, I recommend doing the Northern Elsweyr zone quests in order to get the Hall of the Lunar Champion, plus the first wing. No cost, gigantic, and Rimmen is a good city for to base out of as well.


OK, this is essentially expected. A housing system that doesn’t let you decorate? The playerbase would just ignore the entire system.

Decorations come from many sources: crafting, dungeon trophies, the antiquities system, purchases.

I’ve devoted one corner to the boss trophies from doing dungeons with my friend. Outside houses the larger items, mostly antiquities. It’s fun to display these items.


So ESO housing offers lots of decorating possibilities, and a free travel network with locations sprinkled all around the world. But what elevates ESO housing above other games I’ve played, as far as housing usefulness, are services furnishings.

Disclaimer: I’m not rich enough in FF14 to try out what is available there. But I get the idea items are mostly along the decorating and visual appearance side of things.

Services Furnishings are things like:

  • Mundus Stones – those buffs available from rock pillars on the landscape. Got a few you switch between? Install them in your home and don’t spend time riding out to them.
  • Crafting stations – are you a hardcore crafter and get tired of someone’s pet blocking the crafting station? Install one in your house!
  • Training dummies – want to test your DPS? Practice a new combat rotation? Get a damage sponge that doesn’t fight back, pair with an Aetherial Well to recover faster in between bouts.
  • Storage chest – keep things here to separate them from appearing at crafting stations.
  • Assistants – you can have your own merchant, banker, and fence for convenience!

I don’t have any of this stuff, other than the merchant and banker, and I’m very close to unlocking the fence. Some of these items (training dummies, perhaps a key mundus stone or two) are almost expected for a guild house.

Speaking of guild housing… I don’t think there is any specially designated guild house. It’s just a house that a guild member owns where they have set the permissions to allow visitors. Typically that would be the guild leader, but I don’t think it has to be. If you want to visit, find that player in the roster and “travel to house”.

In LoTRO, if the kinship has a kin house, you get a special recall ability to it. In FF14, your Free Company Estate House will appear in your teleport menu.

EDIT: as Sylow notes in the comments, ESO’s housing system allows a guild to split various functions between multiple homes. I had not thought of this advantage!

3 thoughts on “ESO – Housing”

  1. ‘In ESO, there isn’t any special guild house (as far as being treated special by the game with a designed recall/travel skill). It seems to be a member house and to travel there, you find that player in the guild roster and “travel to house”. ‘

    Indeed there is not. Yet there’s plenty of players who claim that housing is the actual endgame in ESO and some guilds have a number of houses for different purposes.

    Just looking at my guild:
    – One house for guild meetings and other social activities. (Currently moving from one guild leader to another, as the former leader left the game. )
    – One house for all the crafting station and similar services.
    – One house with a number of training dummies, mundus stones and several places set up to simulate places in trials. [Very helpful in training new players, to show them positioning and tactics without the risk of triggering a boss and starting a fight. ]
    – Several more houses used during RP events. (Some people spent millions of gold to get all the furniture and many hours to set it all up properly. With really amazing results. )

    Many peoples houses in ESO clearly demonstrate the vast superiority of systems where items can be freely placed. There’s some real artwork among them.

    And a sidenote on storage space and the boxes: they actually are quite easy to get. Just do crafting dailies to get master writs. Do the master writs and you get the vouchers to buy storage chests. So a few minutes of “work” each day, which also can be made even more convenient by some addons (Dolgubon’s Lazy Writ Crafter) can get you there in the run of time.

      1. Hehe, thanks. But when you see it like that, i also have to point out why we have split things up the way we did: there are so many crafting stations to collect by now. Any craftable set requires four crafting stations, so you can provide the full spectrum.

        We formerly had one guild house, which just also had all the crafting stations. (The training dummies and tactical areas house existed already previously. ) With the last expansion, we ran into the problem of either not getting the crafting stations any more, or stripping down the area for guild meetings and the likes. Which was no real option for us.

        So we split things up between several houses. One of the drawbacks of course is: you can only travel to a players primary residence. To make all the places reachable, the houses of several leaders of the guild are being used for it now. (With the necessary information provided in the guild notes, of course. )

        So, there’s good and bad in here. A lot of people wish that the item limit for houses would be much higher, it seems like it’s really hard to fully decorate some of the larger houses. (And players often put a wardrobe or something in front of a doorway here and there, to block off rooms for which they could not put decoration any more. )

        On the other hand, the free placing really allows to do things, which won’t ever be possible in any hook-based system.

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