LoTRO – Housing

Unlike FF14, housing in LoTRO never seemed to be a gathering place. I bet that has a lot to do with the design that lets Free Company members buy an apartment inside the Estate House. So it is natural to visit in the Estate in order to then visit your room, decorate it or whatever, and then hang out and chat with people.

LoTRO housing does provide two free milestones – one for your house, and one for your kinship house (if you are in a kinship that has a house). There are a handful of vendors around, and it has been a while since I’ve investigated, but not too much else in the housing neighborhood instance.

My original house was a hobbit house because I liked the aesthetics. I had decorated a little, mostly food and library themed, plus whatever artwork and/or trophies various quests and milestones in the epic storyline gave.

Crafted rug, bookshelf, songbird, storage chest, and Portrait of Narmaleth (Vol 1 quest reward)

But, this original housing, required an upkeep fee. You could pay in advance, it wasn’t really that much, but when premium housing rolled out, that didn’t require monthly upkeep for VIP players, I switched to that.

Luxurious house in the Cape of Belfelas district.

My 2nd house is quite a bit larger than the hobbit home, with several rooms, an outdoor space, lots of hooks for furniture, etc. I had enough room to put all my stuff out and even then several rooms and walls are empty.

Posing next to my Seer’s Orb. Which looks a lot like a palantir…

This is all on Landroval… so not really the server I actively play on anymore. The house is still there and I log in and check kinship/friends lists for a bit before logging off again.

Decorating the house was fun but also not something I felt like doing repeatedly (i.e. rearranging stuff). So after the initial work I didn’t do much with it except use it as a free milestone, but even then I didn’t need the extra recall to the Shire that often.

Thus, on Arkenstone and also on Shadowfax, I am not in any kind of a hurry to get a house.

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