ESO – Lots of Quests

ESO has a lot of stories to tell.

There is the base game main quest (starts with “Soulshriven in Coldharbour”). Each zone in the base game has a storyline, where you are generally saving the population from some threat, and as you progress you convince various races to join an alliance.

Each DLC has a storyline. Each guild has a storyline (and skill line too) – except the Undaunted with no real storyline. But they do have 4 NPCs happy to give you daily quests. My favorite is Maj al-Ragath who occasionally makes fun of you.

She is, of course, taunting you to motivate you to be the fierce warrior she knows you are.

Each dungeon has a quest associated with it, as far as I’ve seen. Same thing with each delve, and each public dungeon. And then are the dozens and dozens of side quests in each zone.

So if you enjoy the content, you will not be bored. There is a massive amount available!

I’m going for completionist – sort of – on my main, Mayzib the Magicka Templar. I’ve done the Fighter’s Guild, Mage’s Guild, and am working on Psijic Order. My alt Sarroc the Stamina Warden, also my criminal character, is advancing Thieves Guild and Dark Brotherhood, and has completed Dark Brotherhood but not the last quest for Thieves Guild (need higher reputation to get it).

My main has finished the main quest and is currently working on Cadwell’s Silver. What’s that one? Well once you finish the main quest you get the option of doing the zone quests (and some side quests) of 2nd alliance (Cadwell’s Silver) and then the 3rd alliance (Cadwell’s Gold). Since I’m a Dark Elf in the Ebonheart Pact, Cadwell’s Silver sends me out to the Daggerfall Covenant where I’ve finished what is required in Glenumbra and Stormhaven, and am at Riverspire. Yes I’m just going in the listed order.

You don’t need to do all the zone quests for Cadwell’s Silver/Gold, but I am because I like to grab the extra skill points available. For instance, in Rivenspire I just need to find/complete what is listed… for me the easiest way to do that is just play the zone storyline and then search for the side quests (if any) to complete the Almanac entry.

For various reasons I jumped out of order and have completed the Craglorn storyline, Western Skyrim zone storyline (because I wanted Winter’s Respite gear), and the Northern Elsweyr zone storyline (because I wanted my Hall of Lunar Champions and first wing). However my plan it to largely do the DLCs in order. Except once again I might jump Southern Elsweyr to the top because I want the second wing of my mansion. 🙂

For a while I was also doing zone completion, but that adds a lot of time. It’s fun time, but I decided to expedite my travels through the game and concentrate on zone storylines before side quests. However, I am achievement driven and plan to circle back to get completion on zones.

There’s always exceptions to be made, and gear is one of them. If an overland gear set has pieces available from side quests, I’ll do those. E.g. Mother’s Sorrow gear from Deshaan; Briarheart gear from Wrothgar. On the other hand, those can usually be purchased at guild traders.

I find the zone guide very useful – I like looking at it and see it all filled in.

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