FF14 – Return

I kind of abandoned FF14, without meaning to. It was a two-fold whammy – normally December is a busy month with holidays, travel, etc. So I typically don’t play much from Thanksgiving to New Years. Then, in late December a friend picked up ESO (via Stadia) and suddenly I had a chance to play a game I enjoy with someone I know.

So, I let my FF14 subscription lapse.

Now, seeing the excitement for EndWalker, enthusiasm for FF14 in general, I’m interested in playing again. I could play a day or two a week, peck away at the storyline. I always did have a fun time with group content and the roulette system is smooth. I’d typically advance the MSQ as a healer if that job weren’t maxed, otherwise play a dps job; switch to a healer for a mandatory dungeon in order to benefit from the shorter queues; then keep going. This worked great and switching jobs/classes might spoil me for other games over the long term!

I was further along in the storyline than I had blogged (spacing out my posts). I did make it to Ishgard and unlock the Astrologian job. I can’t quite remember how far I got in the MSQ but I believe I left off in the Dragonsong War questline somewhere.

So, I’d like to sub again and work through the storyline more. Perhaps even get a nice rotation going where I devote my playtime once or twice a week towards FF14.

[time passes…]

Dang it was hard to find where to download the game client. To save disk space I uninstalled so I needed to get the game client again. I looked all over the website, Mog Station, Lodestone, etc and finally after about 30 mins (literally) I found a link by searching Mog Station Support around the FAQ section under installation: getting the game client for a free trial.

All the other options either wanted me to buy the game (which I already did) or register for a free trial (am I supposed to create a fake email and fake account just to get the game client?!). I spent a lot of time clicking around and getting redirected to previous web pages, filling out forms to be told the email was in use (YES I know just give me the game client), etc. Ugh.

[more time passes…]

Anyway, I finally got the client downloaded and installed again. And logging back in to the bagpipes music in Idyllshire brought a wave of nostalgia (if I can call it nostalgia having only been away for 6 months). I also popped into Mor Dhona to listen to the music for a bit. And then I wandered around Ul’dah for the “Sultana’s Dreaming” theme song.

Next up is getting reacquainted with playing again, haha.

2 thoughts on “FF14 – Return”

  1. Welcome back to Eorzea! It’s never too late to return (actually, now is a great time!). If you run across any snags, feel free to ask away. I’m always happy to lend a hand!

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