ESO – Housing

I’ve never been that into housing in an MMO. I know Wildstar had a super fancy system; I have a house in LoTRO but didn’t use it that much. Actually I let my house in the Shire expire and bought a Premium House in Belfelas because there isn’t monthly upkeep for VIPs. If that weren’t that case, I wouldn’t have that house either. I’ve got plenty of gold, it’s more upkeep is just another thing to think about/remember to do. I had a garrison thing in WoW and never got enough gold together in FF14 to get a house. Maybe I could afford one but I didn’t look into it.

Over in ESO there is a quest to get a free house (room in a tavern) which I did but then mostly ignored. Except… I stumbled on the fact I could recall to the house, for free, from anywhere, with minor restrictions like you can’t be in combat.

So housing in ESO serves an additional purpose – free travel – and that is huge. Say I just finished a delve and don’t want to battle my way out and then ride to a wayshrine… just pop up the house menu and recall.

As a result, I bought the Flaming Nix in Mournhold, since I have to travel there frequently to see Undaunted quest givers. There are also Fighters and Mage dailies available, the usual crafting – except I find the layout of the crafting area in Vivec to be superior since all the crafts are right there in a semi-circle surrounding two bankers! Handy for depositing extra goodies from writs like survey reports, collecting items for deconstruction, etc.

I also bought a few cheap homes that are near wayshrines, as hop off points for more travel options. And for various reasons (close to a wayshrine; close to a Dolmen for some handy quick battles; has a decent sized courtyard relative to how expensive the house is) I’ve made the Cyrodilic Jungle House my main house.

I’ve been working on digging up Antiquities – I find the system to be quite fun: solve some mini puzzles, dig up loot and get decent gold and maybe some housing decorations. That’s where the courtyard comes in – I’ve been placing my ancient treasures in the courtyard.

On display are:

  • Beacon of tower zero
  • Greensong gathering circle
  • Daedric pillar of torment
  • Noble knight’s rest
  • Ashen infernace gate
  • Hollowbone wind chimes
  • Void crystal anomaly

The wind chimes and void crystal are animated, which I like.

I’ll switch stuff around and get closer screenshots next time. 🙂

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