ESO – Gear

My alt stamina warden reached level 50 so now I have two characters contributing to Champion Points. I really like that those are shared across an account; it makes having alts fairly reasonable.

Other things are shared, such as housing, the bank, mounts (but not mount training, that is per-character) and probably some other stuff I’m not looking too closely for. Zone completion is also per-char but that seems fair to me.

I’ve been “shopping” for gear, meaning checking out pages on ESO Sets, UESP (overland, dungeon), and reading over suggested builds on Alcast and Hack the Minotaur. Here is what I’ve come up with:


I’d like my magicka templar to have dps and healing sets: for dps I want Mother’s Sorrow and Medusa; for healing I’d like Worm’s Raiment and Winter’s Respite.

Medusa and Worm’s Raiment are from dungeons (Arx Corinium and Vault of Madness), so I’ll run dungeons for those gear drops (a.k.a. “farming”). 🙂

Mother’s Sorrow is an overland set, and I leveled through Deshaan so I already got the zone/quest rewards from there… unfortunately when I was leveling so all those drops are fodder for deconstruction (and already have been used as such).

But my alt is CP 160 and hasn’t done anything in Deshaan. Many pieces of Mother’s Sorrow are zone/quest rewards, so I get the shortcut of farming Mother’s Sorrow for one character using another character! Otherwise I’d be stuck with random drops from dolmens, delves, treasure chests, and public dungeons (options remain, even if they are RNG based).

Winter’s Respite is… already obtained! First thing I did on my templar after reaching CP 160 is drop everything and go to Western Skyrim and do all the zone quests and overland quests.


My stamina warden is currently wearing Defiler’s and Spriggan’s Thorns. These are decent (the Hunger is fun!) and to double down on that (he spawns on a critical hit) another set that has an effect on a critical hit is Venomous Spite, and overland set from Western Skyrim.

The possible downside is any mob that is immune to poison – that essentially nullifies the 5 piece bonus of poison infliction, but of course all the other set buffs remain. Poison immunity is spotty, many undead and dwarf robot it seems… but also most dungeon bosses. And that’s an annoying time to have your damage buff go away.

Briarheart is another set that looks quite nice, overland from Wrothgar. The downside is this overland set is harder to get (??) which I think boils down to the pieces are mostly from random drops with comparatively fewer pieces available as quest rewards.

Nevertheless, I think I’ll make a goal of obtaining Briarheart. For one thing, it is in a zone I haven’t really been to, where Venomous Spite is from Western Skyrim which I’ve adventured through (and unfortunately did not keep any pieces of Venomous Spite received).

So, for variety I’ll head to Wrothgar and if I’m lucky I’ll get 5 pieces of Briarheart along the way!


Lastly, I caught this note from Syp about long leveling curves in WoW classic –

I can get a lot of other stuff done — podcasts, audio books, movie watching — while I level.

I get it, I was there too and hit the combination of leveling slowdown plus dungeon gap and decided to go back to LoTRO and ESO (see how that worked out!) To be fair to WoW, 2 friends had stopped and my 3rd friend, a leveling monster that locusts content, was also nearing a break because evening classes were ramping up and demanding more time. So in another few weeks I’d be soloing in my last choice of games to solo in. Not throwing WoW under the bus but if I were playing solo, I’d pick ESO, LoTRO, FF14, heck Secret World Legends, Guild Wars 2, DDO – all these games before WoW.

It isn’t my time or subscription money, but if WoW leveling were so dull and un-engaging that I needed to supplement with movies and podcasts while doing it (wtf ?!), I’d unsub.

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