ESO – Alt Plans

One problem with planning too far ahead are unknowns – “unforseen circumstances” that change everything up. Six months ago I was playing FF14 on PC and dabbling in ESO on PS4; today I’m playing ESO on PC and Stadia and dabbling in LoTRO.

I’ve found I can’t really play 3 MMOs at the same time. So, while I did enjoy FF14 a huge amount, I’m putting it aside for now. The draw of playing ESO with a friend cannot be ignored, and LoTRO makes a great dabbling game – an hour here and there; I’m a lifetime subscriber after all so there is no monthly fee.

I have another friend who plays FF14 on PS4. We talked about it a bit – we were surprised each other played – and he mentioned that he is a huge FF fan and was a day 1 player on both FF11 (on PS2) and FF14 (PS3/PS4). In addition, unfortunately, the PS4 server he is on is full and isn’t allowing new chars or transfers. However, restrictions like that tend to come and go so there is a chance, perhaps small, that I might be drawn back to FF14 on PS4. I’d need to be able to join his server, buy all the stuff on PS4, and start from scratch… but that doesn’t faze me if I get to play a game with real life friends.

If that happens, I’ll wind up putting LoTRO aside, and also will have done a 180 in the last 6 months: from FF14 on PC and ESO on PS4, to ESO on PC/Stadia and FF14 on PS4. Haha!


So far in LoTRO on my new server, I’ve resisted this, but that’s a special case. In July I’ll have played 14 years (!!), all the classes to mid-levels (what used to be high levels but the level cap is now 130), through all of Shadows of Angmar and Mines of Moria content on at least 6 classes starting from level 1… I’m good with one char, my main on Arkenstone, a Beorning.

I like the Boerning, partly because shape changing is fun and partly because the Beorning is quite flexible. They can respec to serve capably as tank, healer, and dps in their blue, yellow, and red skill lines respectively. That class flexibility is a huge plus.

I’m also refocusing – skipping kill deeds while adventuring in various zones. This means my virtues will be lower than they otherwise would be, but I’ll worry about that when it’s a problem. For now, beeline the epic storyline, and pick the low hanging deed fruit – exploration based ones, and of course questing based ones.


Meanwhile over in ESO, I feel the draw of alts.

Some advice from reddit for new players wondering class to play is: create 6 chars, one of each class, all Dark Elf. Why Dark Elf? Because their racial bonuses are good for stamina or magicka, letting you benefit however you spec..

As it turns out, I like the Dark Elves – their character models, aesthetics, the wonderfully zany giant mushrooms across the colorful landscapes, their housing… I will admit a lot of this probably comes from massive nostalgia from TES 3: Morrowind.

I have 6 chars, one of each class: Dark Elf Templar, Argonian Sorcerer and Necromancer, Redguard Dragonknight, Wood Elf Warden, and Khajiit Nightblade. So I did make one of each class but with some variety in races/alliances.

I don’t plan to play all of them. My main is the Templar, so I’m covered if I want to try group healing and the dungeon finder.

I want to try out tanking, so I will poke along on my Dragonknight as well. I keep reading how tanks are so rare (aren’t they always, in every game??). Why not… worst case, it is terrible and I shelve it. I’m hoping for a better result of course – decent fun, not too difficult, great xp and loot, etc.

I’d also like to try a stamina DPS class. So… Nightblade or Warden. My char on PS4 is a Nightblade so I’m going to try Warden on PC. With the extra twist of picking up the Werewolf line. I’ll see if being a shape changer is fun here too (I’m sure it is), being a Werewolf will add some nice variety to the Warden, which is already has pets and class flexibility going for it. So that’s why a stamina warden – stamina is more useful to a Werewolf than magicka.

So that’s 3 chars: magicka DPS and healing on my Templar, stamina DPS and werewolf on my Warden, and tank on my Dragonknight. Plenty to do!

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