ESO – Champion Points

Well, I finally did it. Got to level 50 in ESO!

Now I switch over from gaining levels to gaining Champion Points instead. I’ve read about this system, and the UESP link has a lot of info, but there is nothing like experiencing it first hand. Next goal: CP 160. 🙂

I also got together with my friend – thanks to Stadia we could game together in-person – and we did a bunch of stuff on a dreary rainy day.

First, we did 3 Undaunted delve dailies. You can get one each day, but we found out that you can share them. We each had one from yesterday, so we did them one at a time (I shared my quest, my friend shared her quest) and then both got the current daily and did that too.

Then we did 3 more dungeons: City of Ash, Wayrest Sewers, and Spindleclutch. All went well and we got lots of loot and experience.

We went slowly and had a few deaths, but for us this is super fun just adventuring with each other and not adding others to the group. This accounts for some of the challenge – we are basically 2-manning this content which is set for a group of 4. So while we mostly had no problems, sometimes a particular boss or named NPC was surprisingly tough (but again, we’re a half-sized group).

I’m not opposed to pugging, I do that plenty in FF14, but it takes a bit to get comfortable playing a certain role (e.g. healing) and the first few times is a leap of faith and not-insignificant anxiety.

We found a list of dungeons in order of difficulty from Together We Delve, and started using this list to check them off. We’ll also check the Undaunted quest givers and look for dailies that look doable. This will obviously be challenging as we are a duo, but there’s some good room for gearing up our characters: I’m not CP 160 so I’m missing some power from the champion tree, and all my gear could be better!

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