ESO – Molag Bal

Rest easy, for I have defeated Molag Bal and ensured peaceful times in Tamriel. At least until I start the next storyline quest and a new threat is revealed… 😉

I put in extra time this week because the end of the original main quest, Soul Shriven in Coldharbour, was in sight. It felt good to finish up, even though years have passed since launch. Kind of like how I didn’t finish up the Guild Wars 2 original storyline until several years after launch. It’s never too late!

The final fight was long but very reasonable/fair. It mostly involved dodging and the right time, and periodic heavy attacks to help restore resources. I had a tougher time battling Molag Grunda, his daughter, than I did against Molag Bal – however the fight with Molag Grunda took a fraction of the time. Part of the reason, lorewise, was receiving Akatosh’s Blessing before fighting Molag Bal, through deeds performed in earlier quests.

Now I’m onto Cadwell’s Silver… but rather than immediately start up the zone quests for other alliances, I’ll work on some other DLC starter quests in my journal. For instance, Craglorn.

I also reached level 45, so I’m eligible for the Undaunted Pledges which I can do with my friend!

Before departing Hollow City to the north, I decided to revamp my build. I had been following the in-game “Templar Initiate” suggestions, subbing in new skills for ones that maxed out, and my build felt decent but I wanted to mix it up and see if it could be better. I found Hack the Minotaur has some great approachable builds and decided to try out his Magicka Templar Beginner build. It works… really well and I’m missing ~5 skill points (to complete the build) and don’t have the suggested armor set!

It took a bit of getting used to but soon enough I was cruising along. My previous build had several AoE attacks but not as much healing, so I would often have to back up and/or run a bit and frantically heal. This one flows better and offers a bump in survivability. Since I am missing a few skills, I replaced their spots with some other recommended buffs mentioned in an earlier post.

Hack the Minotaur recommends Winter’s Respite, an overland set available in Western Skyrim (i.e. Greymoor chapter). But I’m not going to rush over to work on attaining it, because I’m not level 50/CP 160 yet. So right now, any gear I get will be scaled down and ultimately be replaced, and that set looks like one I’d like to use long term, so I should wait to get it, rather than get it right now and wind up with downscaled pieces.

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    1. Contact me Via Email: emmanuel at thepcjournal dot com so I can send you your badge.

      PS: I couldn’t find another way to contact you so please kindly delete these comments once you’ve read them.

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