ESO – Friends and Wayshrines

Time was short this week but my friend and I did get together again, this time at her place. I packed up my Chromebook, brought my Stadia controller, and we played a few hours. The promise of cloud gaming might seem pie-in-the-sky or a bit abstract for most people, but for me… the ability to couch co-op game like this is awesome.

My friend was stuck on a Summerset zone story quest, one that I remember from the PS4. However, on PC/Steam/Stadia, I only opened up the very first quest in Summerset which plops you down on the island near Shimmerene. I was not at the same zone quest, had yet to open up Artaeum so I wasn’t sure I could help. I figured worst case I could advance to the same point in the zone story.

But, we found a nice work around. Even though the portal to Artaeum would not appear for me, if my friend took it and traveled there, I could find her character in my friends list and join them! Boom, travel to an area I haven’t yet opened up via questing.

Once we met up, I followed along. I noticed that I couldn’t use any doors/portals until my friend took it first. I think this is a fair mechanic to allow grouping and helping on a quest when one person doesn’t even have it. I can’t exactly wander freely into instanced/zoned content, but can get there if someone else in my party goes in.

Anyway, we were easily able to defeat the boss she was stuck on.

Then I was able to do her the same favor. My character is at Coldharbour, nearing the end of the original main story quest. My friend is not near Coldharbour, but has some treasure maps and so on for that zone. So I traveled to the Hollow City wayshrine, and then my friend traveled to me… and voila, now she has access to Hollow City without getting there via questing.

I warned her that Hollow City is a bit unusual – as you complete Coldharbour zone story quests, the city fills in. As in, the Fighter’s Guild opens after questing to save them, the marketplace and crafting becomes available after more questing, etc.

I’m level 42 now, so just 3 more levels from being able to take Undaunted Pledges, so my friend and I can do those too!

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