Cyberpunk 2077

I checked my Stadia account this evening, and noticed the play button was live for Cyberpunk 2077. Hm… perhaps the midnight Dec 10 launch was in Europe so here in the U.S. we get it hours earlier the evening of Dec 9. Nothing to download and no day 1 patch… instead I could just launch and play. 🙂

However I couldn’t play long – only about 30 minutes before needing to do some other stuff. I might be able to play another hour or so before bed… we’ll see.

So I’m obviously not getting 4K graphics, even though I think I’m eligible (being on the Stadia Pro trial). Maybe current conditions are forcing a downgrade to 1080p (I’m not even sure how to tell what resolution and fps you are running at, without in-game support or some extra tool that queries your graphics card). But it is certainly playable.

This game is clearly designed with controllers/consoles as first class citizens, because all the dialog choices so far can be cycled via up/down arrow or mouse selection. Confirming a choice is ‘F’, moving and driving is WASD – fortunately the driving section was brief because that is one game mechanic where a controller is far, far superior to a keyboard.

The plot so far, which I do not believe contains much in the way of spoilers given I’m a paltry 30 mins into the game, is that my character, a Nomad, takes on a job to deliver a package to Night City. This section of the game is basically a tutorial and I think it’ll open up now that I’ve arrived. Kind of like exiting the cave after Skyrim’s intro dragon attack sequence.

I mostly just wanted to post this because while ESO on Stadia was a major draw, the Cyberpunk 2077 deal over Black Friday was irresistible (again, that was preorder the game and get a free controller and Chromecast Ultra, for an overall $10 savings). And now it’s here!

EDIT: How could I leave out a screenshot of the game… played on my phone?!

So I suppose that’s my apartment or base, when you are loading up… my phone is a Pixel 3XL and the game does work. Granted, my eyesight isn’t good enough to want to play this way for any amount of time, but the game does run. It’s like magic almost.

The virtual controller (you can see faint outlines around the edges) is a nice touch. Tapping the screen makes the virtual controller light up and become active – hot zones on the screen work like a controller. It does work, although I do fat finger quite a bit; however that would improve with practice.

Ok enough fiddling, I should either actually play the game or get some other stuff done. Over the weekend I’ll try doing dailies in ESO (grab daily reward, train horse) on my phone. Because I can. 😉 And mostly just to see how viable that is.

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