FF14 – Healing through the lag

I logged in yesterday evening, looking to kick back and do a few roulettes on my Scholar. No problem, this is part of my routine, besides pecking away at the MSQ.

The roulette dungeon I got was Snowcloak. And right away, I could tell something was wrong, because the game looked like a stop-motion animation movie. It was about 4 seconds of normal movement, followed by 1 second of freeze-in-place.

I ran to catch up to the group, just in time to see my character freeze in place… and die. This was during the very first fight, so I just respawned, resummoned my fairy healer, ran back, and made the best of it. I’m sure the others were impressed with the healer that died during the very first fight. 😉

Combat continued in this herky jerky fashion. I figured the best strategy, if I was to be essentially out of commission for 20% of the fight duration (or more) was to keep Adloquium on the tank as much as possible. It provides a shield buff (called Galvanize) partly nullifying damage, then keep it on the others even if they weren’t in immediate danger. Basically burn extra mana by overhealing and rely on the fairy to heal me.

At one point I mentioned in chat “ugh this is like a stop-motion animation movie”. One of the party members replied “tell me about it”… hm maybe I wasn’t the only one experience the lag?

This worked well and got us to the 2nd boss fight against the Yeti. The fight took a while, due to lag and positioning issues cause by lag, and eventually my luck ran out as I saw myself in the cross hairs of 2 column attacks from adds, frozen.

Anyway, Yeti killed me so I respawned and ran back. Fortunately the group finished the boss off so we continued, and reached Fenrir.

I tried to contribute more DPS, but somewhere about halfway through the fight, I lagged to another death. I respawned, took the shortcut, but that still left a lot of ground to cover before reaching the boss. One by one the group succumbed, and I felt bad about that but I couldn’t really do much.

Nobody said anything.

So we gathered up again, restarted the fight. This time, I only threw my DoT attack (Bio 2), and skipped other attacks in favor of Adloquium upkeep, plus throwing Sacred Soil and the fairy’s Whispering Dawn on cooldown, while staying as mobile as I could.

It was a long fight, I think everybody was dealing with lag and opting for safe play – running out of a telegraphed attack very early rather than staying in range to land an extra hit or two, things like that.

I died yet again, but this time the boss was down to ~5% health so I didn’t respawn and instead just watched, hoping the group would finish him off. They did and we finished, whew. I was so relieved I typed “thank goodness” to the group before everyone exited.

It was surely tough for all but for my troubles as the healer, the group all gave me a commendation. This is another thing I like about FF14 🙂

I decided to call it a night after this due to network performance. And check around to see if I was the only player experiencing the lag.

But I was not – I found a thread on reddit about how terrible the lag was for the entire Crystal data center. Aha, looks like Comcast/Xfinity was having issues.

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