FF14 – Castrum Meridianum and Praetorium

With the end of the ARR main sequence quest line in sight, I cranked through as fast as I could to arrive at Castrum Meridianum. This had a very Latin sound to me, so I used Google Translate to discover this translates to “Castle Midday”. For that matter “Praetorium” (the next dungeon) is “Hall”. So there you go, FF14 has a Latin speaker on staff. 😉

So these two dungeons went by… quickly. As in, my groups basically pulled an entire room and then AoE burned down the mobs. I realize that this content is a few years old and players running in now are likely farming for rewards (Allagan tomestones of poetics) and not struggling with once-upon-a-time endgame content. I’m not complaining!

Both dungeons feature unskippable cutscenes, so new players don’t have to feel bad about slowing the group down (I suppose). The cutscenes are also fairly lengthy, a lot of story is covered, characters that had small or a limited number of appearances before show up extensively. It felt a bit… rushed but I’ll cut some slack here.

Not to spoil the story, but we won. 😀

I’ll dive right into the post-ARR pre-Heavensward content. I need to reach Ishgard in order to continue my class quests and unlock more classes – I am also interested in trying out Astrologian as well as Scholar.

As far as that goes, this is best time for me to start playing as a Scholar and transitioning to a healing job. In fact, these two dungeons offers very compelling reasons for me to go right back in as a healer: they are group size 8 with 2 healers, so I wouldn’t be the only healer there. Both dungeons grant tomestones which I can redeem for better gear – looks like up to iLevel 130.

So I think I’ll split my time between MSQ advancement and roulette queuing as a Scholar.

3 thoughts on “FF14 – Castrum Meridianum and Praetorium”

  1. Doing those dungeons as part of the “MSQ Roulette” also levels you insanely fast. Castrum gives about 1/3 of a level and Praet gives a little over half of one.

    TBH, that’s how I got all my jobs to 80. MSQ roulette each day (as well as daily beast tribe quests and hunt logs) and it’d only take about a week-10 days per job to cap out (I was all 70 before the expansion also, so only 10 levels per job, so it went pretty fast). And on my daughter’s character… it’s already level 80 on Summoner/Scholar but hasn’t finished the level 73 quests in the Shadowbringers MSQ yet….

      1. It’s really just about consistent play more than anything. So long as one plays daily doing “leveling things” it will just happen. Eventually, anyway….


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