LoTRO – Troll Cave

Back in Middle Earth I began a task Halbarad set out for me: get Dwarves, Elves, and Men to cooperate against the threat of Angmar. That is, I was working on Vol 1 Book 3. 🙂

I decided to take a quest I generally ignore, one that led to a giant troll cave south east of Meluinen.

I defeated the troll-keeper, Favargair, and also completed troll slaying deed because there were so many inside the cave system.

There were also trolls outside, east past Merenost. I had ventured here a few times in the past but also generally didn’t need to (due to xp buffs and so on, not needing to do every single quest available for quite a while).

As for the troll I fought, it is true even in bear form he was bigger that me, but he was not the victor!

Next session I plan to finish up book 3 and then see how many levels I am away from starting book 4 on level. In the past I would either complete the east side of North Downs, or go to Evendim. I remember doing some quests out of Tinnudir on my Lore-master, the character I most recently leveled into the 40’s. I may stick around the North Downs and work on slayer deeds in order to get my virtues to decent levels.

3 thoughts on “LoTRO – Troll Cave”

  1. I’ve gotten a hunter into the low 50’s now. Some questing, but a lot has just been from slaughtering mobs while harvesting materials to feed to my crafting alts.

    I now see that doing book 1 chapter 8 gets a class trait point, so it looks like I should at least get that far in it… The “leveling guides” I’ve read have said that the epic quest is long and not terribly rewarding, and so one “should” just skip it in the interest of faster leveling. OTOH, I’m not really interested in fast leveling, but more getting to know the game and the world. I’ve already leveled at blazing speed past a lot of quests, so I’m thinking maybe I should get one of those XP stopper items so I can spend more time doing quests while still staying “level appropriate.”

    Or I could play different quests on my lower-level alts too, I suppose….

    1. I did buy a “Stone of the Tortoise” in case I want to finish off quests. However my goal is to follow the epic storyline (which I enjoy!) and then quest as needed to level up for the next epic (e.g. I know I’ll need to level up to start Vol 1 Book 4).
      Hey if you like the Hunter, stick with it. I also have alts but at a certain point I want to get one char farther along than just doing the same Shadows of Angmar stuff. If you do all the stuff on your hunter you’ll have better Virtues and so on.

      1. I like the hunter quite a lot, but I’m also rather fond of the Runekeeper too, so last night I worked on the RK a bit more. Got it from 23 to 28, mostly done by “catching up” the epic storyline quests to her current level, then questing in the zone to advance level.

        Only real downside is that it’s a little shorter-ranged than the hunter, but other than that, I’m really liking it.

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