FF14 – Summoner and Scholar

I’m cruising along in the MSQ, having gotten past the awkward spot where I was high enough level to specialize into a job, but not far enough in the MSQ to be allowed to do it. I reached Sylph-Management at level 33, so not as bad as I originally feared.

Again, I’m doing just the MSQ and class quests, no dallying with side quests for now. I’m on the free trial and I’m heavily leaning towards subscribing, I figure I also want to maximize my trial and reach level 60 on a job!

I was about to take a break from being an Arcanist (and now Summoner and Scholar) and try out Marauder (Warrior) but I talked myself out of it for now. That’s on the todo list but I also want to try healing a dungeon, as well as finish some class quests.

Scholar quests haven’t been a problem, I’m getting to them and finishing. The level 35 quest led to a beautiful fantasy viewpoint, the Floating City of Nym.

However, my Summoner class quest progress is currently blocked. In order for me to do the level 35 Summoner quest, Austerties of Earth, I have to first defeat a primal Titan, and by my count that is 40 (!) quests in the future – Lord of Crags, in order to unlock a dungeon, The Navel.

Of course, the MSQ is supposed to be shortened so I’ll see if it is actually 40 more quests from my current “Highbridge Times” to “Lord of Crags”. Even if it is shortened, I’ll probably attain level 40 before being able to do the level 35 class quest, so I’ll have 2 unfinished Summoner class quests to do.

I suppose this is really a First World MMO Problem: oh no, I’m leveling too fast – due to a xp buff in my free trial – that I’m outpacing the original carefully spaced character skill unlocks. 😉

One nice change since I last played is that Minfilia hands over several “Vesper Bay Aetheryte Tickets”, allowing me to teleport to the edge of Vesper Bay rather than having to go to Horizon Bay and then running over. That was super annoying given how often players have to visit Scion HQ.

2 thoughts on “FF14 – Summoner and Scholar”

    1. No extra aetheryte, the tickets are inventory items that look like envelopes. If you right click it teleports you to the entry arch to Vesper Bay.

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