FF14 – Level 30+

I’m still chugging along in FF14, and… I don’t want to seem like a complainer, but… well I think the streamlining of the MSQ and so forth could use a bit more fine tuning. Still having fun and have some plans for trying out other classes/jobs.

I appreciate the massive xp bump. I’ve literally only done the MSQ and my class quests for XP (outside one or two quests at the very beginning, city orientation type quests of the “go talk to the vendor” mostly to point out where the market in Limsa Lominsa is). Other than that, I’ve noticed substantial xp from discovering a new zone for the first time. And that’s it. No leve quests, no repeatedly running a dungeon, no grinding, no extra questing, no hunting log, nothing. If I have to kill X number of mobs, I do it and return to the quest giver. I try to aggro as little as possible, get my stuff done, and zip out.

I’m past the Tam-Tara and Copperbell Mines mandatory grouping, reached level 31, but not far enough in the MSQ to unlock jobs yet. Or join a Grand Company. Or get a chocobo mount.

Granted, not having the mount and/or Grand Company is kind of independent of level – if the intent is to quest along and unlock Grand Companies (which the chocobo quest is dependent on) at a certain point, well then I’m on track since I haven’t gotten there yet.

But I was kind of looking forward to opening up Summoner and Scholar at level 30, but specializing into jobs depend on the Sylph-Management quest, which by my count is about 15 quests in the future (unless the MSQ is abbreviated from now on). I might be level 40 by then! 😉 Only half joking.

Again, this isn’t a terrible outcome, but there are perhaps some unintended consequences of doubling xp gain. So far I haven’t noticed an appreciably slimming of the MSQ. One is I’m massively overleveled for the combat. A recent quest had me save someone from undead. The enemies that spawned were level 13. I’m 31. I think there is some downleveling involved but by the time I applied my 2 DoTs on target 1 and switched to the next one, the first one died. This is probably not the challenge intended.

Another example: doing the “Amalj’aa Wrong Places” quest. Thancred sends me into camp to find some information, which is guarded by 2 or 3 warriors. But they are level 18, I’m 31, they don’t even aggro. So I waltz in, grab the papers, and I’m out without even fighting or trying to avoid them. I could start a fight but what’s the point, I’m 13 levels higher.

The other thing is the gear I’ve received from my class quests (and dungeons) are outclassing the quest rewards from the main scenario. Minfillia wants to give me a quest reward: a weapons box containing a level 18-21 weapon. I’ll be courteous and avoid trashing right in front of her but I already have a level 30 weapon (book) from a class quest reward. Somewhere along the way every MSQ reward is worse than what I already have, or unusable, so I’ve been taking the Disciple of War gear instead, in order to have some gear for an eventual class/job switch up.

OK in the grand scheme of things this isn’t terrible. It’s just I think the MSQ could be trimmed and aligned better, so that the blocking Sylph-Management quest occurs around the time you reach level 30. And maybe inch the Grand Company/chocobo throttle up as well. Like short circuit most of the stuff after Copperbell Mines to Sylph-Management.

Well I’ll be through this section soon enough. After joining a Grand Company, getting a mount, and unlocking jobs, the next milestone will be much higher, say level 50 or 60. I’m sure the MSQ will catch up, that is, the leveling boost won’t outpace the MSQ so much at higher levels, and it’ll all work out. Certainly the boost is nice getting a first character to Heavensward and further.

2 thoughts on “FF14 – Level 30+”

  1. This seems to be an issue in any MMO as they expand — they bump xp to let people get past the early levels quicker so people can get to the “fresher stuff” and not feel “left behind” as it were.

    I’ve been checking out LotRO for the past couple of week and trying to get past the early levels where it plays like “MMO #217.” In prior attempts I felt like it took me a long time to get to level 14, and that was as far as I ever got. This time, I started a bunch of characters (crafting alts, plus 1 main, mostly) and in less than 2 weeks I’ve got the main to level 30 and even thr crafting alts that the initial tutorial more or less gives you level 5 to 7 without even doing anything, then do a quest or 3 and you’re already level 10. And crafting gives XP, so they’re all 13-16 anymore just from that. I’ve been “wasting time” harvesting lots of resources rather than just slamming out quests for level quickly, and it still feels like it’ts all flying by.

    And honestly now that I’ve got a few more levels under my belt I’m starting to see more of the charm of this game. the quests and such are still kinda “MMO #217” to me, but the graphics are nice and the classes seem to have a feel that’s unique to this game, so it’s growing on me. But I’m still way high in level above most of the quests in the areas I’m in and feel like I’m skipping tons of quests, not expolring even half of the zones I’m in, and am even skipping entire zones becuz I’m overleveled for their content already. And that’s with me “going slow” to gather a lot.

    A year ago I got in to SWTOR for a couple of months and it was the same there too… I’d be level 40+ on a planet with level 24 mobs. SWTOR at least scales you down to the planet you’re on to avoid some of that, but it still grants xp for your real level, so leveling up is extremely quick, even if you’re in a zone/planet that should be “gray/useless” to you in a different game.

  2. True, true… I know in LoTRO I’m typically high enough level to go to the Lone Lands without even doing half the quests (anything in the north half towards Treslebridge, heck even skipping half of the Barrow Downs as well).

    As far as FF14, I guess what I’d like better is if they pulled certain gates out of the MSQ. Say they intend you are on foot but at level 20 you can get a mount and join a Grand Company. Pull that out of the MSQ and have the quest appear when you are 20 rather than at quest #37 of the MSQ. Same with job quests and level 30. Have Sylph-Management show up for you at 30 so you can do it, rather than be nestled into a specific sequence.
    I suppose this is a one-time annoyance, which isn’t even that bad. Once past all these throttles it doesn’t matter anymore.

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