FF14 – Sastasha

I had done this dungeon before, and it was next up for me again. After a brief refresher watching MTQCapture’s Sastasha Dungeon Guide, I queued up.

After a wait of about 10 mins – not sure if that is fast, average, or slow – a group formed and we entered.

Since Sastasha is the first dungeon in the MSQ, it is fairly easy and we sailed through with no problems. It was still fun though!

After finishing this, the MSQ had me travel to Gridania and report to Tam-Tara Deepcroft. I remember this a little bit… but I’ll rewatch a video beforehand as well. Since it was a bit of travel to get there and I was out of time, I decided to log out and make my way to Deepcroft next time.

Next time I do Sastasha I’d like to try it as a healer. There is a healing role available to me as an arcanist when I reach level 30 and have the option of taking up the Scholar job. But with the level sync and so on, can a Scholar go into Sastasha, a level 15 dungeon? I’m not sure.

It appears to me the only healing class for Sastasha (i.e. a healer at level 15 ish) is Conjurer, which is a class I wasn’t planning to train. Hmmmm.

I’m also interested in Rogue/Ninja and Marauder/Warrior, so maybe I’ll be back as one of those classes. I’m a bit leery of going in as a tank because I’m not familiar with the route through. But after more runs as other DPS and healer I’ll be more comfortable giving it a shot.

XP boost is still large, and perhaps on top of generous dungeon XP. I leveled twice doing Sastasha! From 22.5 to 24. That was really nice.

3 thoughts on “FF14 – Sastasha”

  1. Yes, you can go as a scholar, you’ll just lose part of your abilities. Look at job guides on FFXIV’s site, every job has abilities at certain levels starting from 1, even when jobs themselves start from level 50 or 60. That’s indicator of what will be available in synced content.

    1. Ah thanks so much for the info! I was wondering how downleveling worked with jobs that start at higher levels. I’ll check out the guides or look up abilities/skills by level.

  2. It used to be that if you down-leveled as a scholar that the fairy would easily keep the tank healed so you’d be a sort of half-dps. With the Shadowbringers changes making the fairy heal for less, you may need to toss some Physick spells here and there — but as Moongy said, you won’t have any trouble healing as a scholar.

    FWIW, Tam-Tara is even easier than Satasha. Only the final boss has any mechanics you’d need to worry about, the others are more “mini-bosses” that are really just tank/spank.

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