Watching, Reading, some Gaming

Well this month didn’t go as planned.

It’s been 3 weeks since my father passed away and I’m getting back to normal. Still sad, but somewhere in the depression/acceptance phase of the Kübler-Ross model.

Even though you know this will happen eventually, it is still difficult to deal with when it arrives.

I haven’t been gaming much. On days I have low mental energy, I watch TV or movies. I’ve watched 4 seasons of Bosch on Amazon Prime, season 2 of Westworld, Watchmen, season 2 of Lost in Space on Netflix, and a few other random shows.

On days I have higher mental energy, I read. I finished an absolutely fantastic sci-fi novel, Children of Time, by Adrian Tchaikovsky, and I’m eager to start the sequel.

Gaming falls somewhere in between – more energy/focus required than watching videos, less than reading – so in reverse goldilocks fashion I’m not doing as much. Plus, computer gaming tends towards a solitary endeavor, and I lose focus almost instantly because I’d rather at least talk to someone right now.

What I have been doing as far as gaming is playing board games online: skypeing with a friend or zooming with a bigger group. My friend T and I have played Lords of Waterdeep, Heave-Ho, and One Deck Dungeon and I look forward to more. And if I can create an online account for Galaxy Trucker (keeps timing out and failing, hope it’s just a temporary issue) there is that, as well as Mystic Vale, Isle of Skye, Ticket to Ride, Aeon’s End, Spirit Island, Le Havre, Agricola ACBAS, Terraforming Mars, etc. I’ve got Scythe and Wingspan on various watchlists as well.

I got inspired a few days ago to work on my Steam backlog. Just play a game enough to know whether or not it is for me. I tried Factorio and Rimworld, both highly reviewed games, but stopped after ~30 mins of each. These games aren’t bad by any means, it’s just either a side effect of my current mood, or these kinds of simulations aren’t what I’m looking for at the moment. In both cases the amount of work to either build your base or set machines up for harvesting was too much for me right now. I want something more like SpaceChem (which, I never did finish so maybe it’s a good time to pick that back up) which is more on the puzzle side of things.

I also did some reasonable forays into Starbound and Ultimate General Gettysburg.

On the other hand, I liked Oxygen Not Included enough to bookmark it for another try. I got stuck in the tutorial and couldn’t figure out what to do, so I googled up a youtube beginner’s video series and after watching the first video I see what I missed before.


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