ESO – Main Quest

Time to move along the main quest… the original main quest.

I spoke with the Prophet in the Harborage, and was glad to hear he had a plan to rescue Lyris Titanborn. She traded places with him in order to break him out and allow us to escape Cold Harbour; it seemed terrible to leave her behind!

After returning to Cold Harbour, I found Lyris and we began to collect her things (armor, axe) and battle her memories – punishment inflicted by Molag Bal. After several warmup smaller fights, we faced off again Lyris’s Terror – a floating eyeball/octopus monster, the Manifestation of Terror.


It was a tough fight but we prevailed.

Back at the Harborage, the next step was to rescue Sai Sahan, but the Prophet didn’t know where he was. However, Abnur Tharn knows, so despite some misgivings from Lyris about rescuing him (he helped betray the group, leading to Mannimarco’s rise to power), we agreed to come get him.


So, back in Cold Harbour, breaking into the Castle of the Worm and heading to the Tower of Bones.

It seems the despite helping Mannimarco earlier, Abnur Tharn now has concerns that Mannimarco plans to usurp power and become a god…


He shows up, banishes Tharn and starts to fight us. It’s a tough fight, he summons undead and causes the ground to erupt. Slowly but surely Lyris and I are worn down… but then Tharn reappears, squares off with Mannimarco and temporarily discorporates him. All of us flee to safety.

Back in the Harborage, there is discussion of what to do next, as well as a reveal from the Prophet as to his identity. I’ll leave that unspoiled for now… although the game is now 6 years old and certainly everybody playing has already finished the original main quest. 😉

I think I need to level up a bit more to continue the main quest. My Templar is level 17 now, and for the previous steps, I would receive a notification to return to the Harborage as soon as I climbed the stairs outside Daggerfall. This time I didn’t so I figure if I level up more, it will happen.

Time to explore the rest of the zone!

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