One Deck Dungeon

My friend T and I got together online to try out One Deck Dungeon. I own the physical game and its sequel “Forest of Shadows”, as well as the Steam version. Long ago I shared my Steam library with T so T could check it out via Steam Library lending… but I think for remote play both people need to own the game (furthermore I think T acquired the game via Humble Bundle? Not sure I’ll ask later).


We agreed on a time and found each other via Steam chat. And then spend 30+ minutes trying to setup a Google Hangouts chat, with no success. I mean… argh. The symptom appeared to be the call never went through. On the originator side (we both tried calling each other via phone number and via email address) it would “ring” but the other person said they received no notification whatsoever.

In the end T just called me and we used speakerphone. The old fashioned way that WORKS. 🙂

One Deck Dungeon is a mechanically simple game: you roll dice and use the results to cover spaces on whatever challenge you are facing. Each class starts with their own dice pool and as you beat the challenges you can take the reward as an item (roll extra dice), a skill (manipulate the dice), or xp (accumulate enough to level up and carry more items, skills, potions).

ODD is also very quick to setup and play because it boils down to shuffling the deck, dealing out up to 4 cards, and then turning them over. Since we were playing online, that didn’t matter as much.

After getting set, we then had some trouble starting a two player game. I thought you would do this from within the game, but after launching it and clicking everything that look remotely applicable, T found the actual way to do it: one person launches the game, then right-clicks in the friends list and selects “remote play together”. Aha!

So we finally started playing, choosing our classes (mage and warden) and dungeon (dragon’s lair). The mouse is shared in this game (not sure if that’s how remote play together works for every game) so if we both tried to move the mouse to select dice, it would act funny. We worked this out by taking turns.

We would also discuss what to do for every encounter, fight or flee, and then the best (sometimes only) way to cover the spots with our dice. I suppose Steam Chat would have worked as well but speakerphone was much better.

In ODD you work through the deck 3 times, shuffling and descending a level when the deck runs out. After the 3rd descent, you fight the boss.

We made it to the boss, but it proved too difficult, wiping us out on the 2nd round of our attack. Oh well, we had fun playing together!

Before leaving we inventoried all the digital boardgames we own that support Remote Play Together: Carcassonne, Galaxy Trucker, Lords of Waterdeep, Terraforming Mars, Ticket to Ride, Twilight Struggle. In addition, T owns Agricola All Creatures Big and Small which is currently on sale for $2.49. I’ll grab it at that price!

We plan to play Terraforming Mars sometime soon.


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