PoGo – Adventure Sync

I figured an easy weekly post during this Blapril period is to update my hiking and PoGo Adventure Sync distance:


Pretty good, just ~6 miles less than last week. There’s more rain the forecast this week so next’s numbers will probably be lower still. Which is good, that 80+ km was an outlier. I’m planning to do 5 to 8 mi each time so 40 mi a week or around 60 km per week will be more like it. Getting above 50 km results in extra stardust and a 10 km egg that hatches from a different pokemon pool than the normal eggs.

Current buddy is Gurdurr, Timburr’s evolution, and I’m a long way from Conkeldurr. I need 50 more candy which is 250 km of walking! If I can keep up my current weekly pace I’ll get that in a month, but I’m hoping things will return to normal sooner.

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