PoGo – Adventure Sync

In these times of staying at home, social distancing, etc. I’m trying to get out there every day and hike. It’s free, I want to exercise, I gotta get out of my house for a bit, etc.

I may have gone bananas last week, logging ~50 miles over 6 days. The trail running group I’m in was running a contest/challenge, to run or hike 10 miles a day for 3 days in a row. I did that, and decided I could continue but not quite double it.


What can I say, I need to earn candy so I can evolve my current buddy, Timburr, on up to Conkeldurr, and 26 candy is a big chunk of the overall 125 I need. Timburr is a 5 km/candy Pokémon so he’ll be my buddy for a while yet… unless I throw in some rainbow candy.

Adventure Sync is by far my favorite feature they’ve added. It looks like more changes are coming – remote raiding, so people can play during this pandemic.


My area has a lot of great hiking/running trails within a 30 min drive. I’m taking advantage as much as I can to help keep my spirits up.

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