PS4 Games

Here’s a few PS4 games I also play, besides Elder Scrolls Online.

Detroit: Become Human

This is essentially a choose-your-adventure game, sent in the future with you playing 3 different androids. Markus is an assistant to a disabled man, Kara helps around a home, and Connor works for the police.  At least so far.

The game has you respond to various UI prompts so you have to walk places, pick things up, manipulate the environment a bit.

I’m about 25% though and so far it’s enjoyable. The story looks like it has something to do with android becoming self aware or “alive” and whenever possible I’m making choices that are decidedly pro-android. 😉

At the end of each chapter you get a flowchart showing what you did along with optionally showing percentages of what the player base did as a whole.


Persona 5

This is a JRPG that mixes attending high school and fighting as a vigilante at night. There’s a lot of story so far, with a bit of battle here and there. It’s got great music and a very distinct visual style.

Like many games in this genre, the storyline and tutorial are interwoven. I’m not far into the game and a typical play session will be: a lot of dialog to move the plot along, followed by a tutorial over a game mechanic.

The plot involves… heck it’s bizarre. Students entering a weird castle in their dreams (or perhaps an alternate universe), odd cat-like beings helping out, opponents that are twisted version of their real-life counterparts… well it doesn’t have to be realistic to be fun.

God of War

This game…what can I say that hasn’t been said. Fantastic voice acting, plot, visuals, combat is very satisfying… I bought this after renting it from a RedBox first, and it is amazing all around.



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