LoTRO: Return to Landroval

While writing my earlier blog post about LoTRO I realized that I should return to Landroval. I think the concept of the Legendary Server is awesome, as are all the various “progression” servers that many other MMOs offer, but I kind of missed out on the main reason to join one: experience the content while leveling with other players. Essentially, ride the leveling wave and do all the stuff.

Without that, I’m left leveling behind the curve, mostly soloing… I don’t mind that, since that’s my normal playstyle, but if I’m going to do that, why restart on a new server? Might as well just poke along on a server where I’m better established. On Landroval I’ve got tons of alts: 5 characters above level 60 (I had them parked in Caras Galadhon) and 2 level 100+ in Minas Tirith. I’m interested in trying out a Beorning so that character can depend on gold and crafting support from the others.

So, I logged back into Landroval for the first time in… 8 months… to find my house had expired. Yep that’s my fault, I usually pay ~3 months in advance, but I had been gone for 8. It seems that my house payment was so long overdue that everything went back into escrow and my (abandoned) house was purchased by another player! I went to look and it was occupied and redecorated. My fault entirely so no hard feeling or anything, I hope the new owner enjoys the view of the pond in the Shire housing area. 🙂 Actually it’s good that somebody took my old abandoned house.

While reading various dialogues about how/where to get my stuff back, I noticed a remark about “premium” housing and how there wasn’t a monthly fee for VIP members. What?! I totally missed that addition to the game somehow. I checked the wiki under Premium Housing and learned all about it.


And soon enough I bought my own on Swan Lane in the Cape of Belfelas housing area. I’m excited – this house is GIANT compared to my previous house, and there won’t be a monthly fee!

I haven’t had a chance to decorate yet but I am looking forward to it.



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