Guild Wars 2

There’s a lot I like about GW2. Fast travel, a little bit of action combat, an overall design that emphasizes streamlined activity.

The main issue I have with GW2 isn’t intentional on the part of ArenaNet – it is that I really loved Guild Wars and thus miss what isn’t present. I miss double classing, hunting elites for elite skills, heroes and henchmen, zoned explorable areas, and alliance battles (the only PvP I really enjoyed. These were 12-v-12 matches, you could bring in PvP-only characters so each team should be evenly matched level and gear wise. Unlike WoW’s battlegrounds which were partitioned every 10 levels so there were wild mismatches).

It isn’t a bad game by any means!

In fact, I think Guild Wars 2 occupies a rare space in the gaming world: one where quality-of-life features are front and center. This was also true in Guild Wars (yes, yes, I’ll stop mentioning Guild Wars). Respecing in GW2 is free and easy. Travel to a location, at least to a nearby waypoint you’ve previously visited, is cheap. Crafting speeds up as you craft a stack of items (take that, LoTRO!). Need to transfer items between characters? GW2 offers special bag inventory slots for exactly that. Many items are bound-to-account so they can be used by everyone. The daily rewards feature laurels and experience tomes, useful for equipping and leveling alts. Birthday rewards feature instant level-20 to level-60 scrolls. With those, if you are at all a serious player you should have all character slots at level 80, it’s very doable.


As for my progress, I’ve tried every class and gravitated back to the ranger, which I knew I would (my GW main was a ranger too). I made characters with various races/profession combinations back when I started, and paired ranger with Norn. Now I wish I had chosen Asura. That’s because I love small/short/tiny characters in MMOs, since physics doesn’t matter. Nothing quite like a tiny character taking on a gigantic monster… I love the mismatch in size with the tiny player character emerging victorious.

If ArenaNet ever sold a race change scroll, I’d do it. Who knows, it might happen. Standing Stone Games said they were bringing that capability to LoTRO, so it could happen here.

Anyway, I completed the original storyline, participated in Living World Season 1 (not playable anymore) and started Season 2… but bogged down there because there was a surprising amount of jumping involved and that isn’t my thing in an MMO. On the other hand, there are jump puzzles, typically to access a vista or a hidden explorable area, and those are fine to me, because they are optional and don’t gate progress on the storyline. I should peck away and try to advance along in short sessions.

The friends I had that played the game drifted away so I found myself soloing along and well, if that’s the case then GW2 is my 2nd or 3rd MMO priority so I play very little these days.

I’m curious what ArenaNet is also working on. It’s been 7 years since GW2 launched… I know the studio had some bad times, including a mass layoff last year (?). I hope they are on solid footing now and are also working on GW3. 🙂

One thought on “Guild Wars 2”

  1. You absolutely played GW2 at the best period in it’s history. I’ve played almost every day since launch and Anet have spent seven years slowly reverting everything they ever believed in to move their game as cloe as possible to the center of the genre. They can’t quite turn it ionto WoW or FFXIV but they’re determined to try.

    It remains a great game for casuals but as soon as you get anywhere much beyond just leveling up it turns into one of the grindiest MMORPGs in existence. Of the original three game modes, WvW is irreperably broken, sPvP is languishing and PvE is unrecognizeable from the original design documents and the first year.

    Still more fun than most MMOs though!

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