Lord of the Rings Online, the game I easily have the most hours in. I’ve been playing on and off, more off than on of late, since July 2009 which makes 10+ years. Mind boggling.

When SSG announced Legendary Servers, I hopped on Anor and created a bunch of characters. You know, to reserve names if nothing else. I’m a lifetime subscriber (on two accounts!) from way back and still getting use from it. I do buy around $50 of coins during a sale once or perhaps twice a year since otherwise SSG doesn’t make any money off me, and I have easily gotten my value out of my lifetime accounts.


The furthest along is my guardian at level ~35, in Evendim. I’m hitting a slow down mostly caused by the fact I’ve played the Shadows of Angmar content at least 6 times. Maybe more like 8. And even considering Mines of Moria… on Landroval, I played those 6 characters all the way through and onto Caras Galadhon, and took my guardian and burglar further.

One probable mistake is playing the same class as my main on Landroval, a guardian. Great class (they all are) but I have a level 100+guardian already, I should mix it up and play a class I only dabbled with to level 20 or so. Maybe the Boerning… I think I’ll refocus and try some new class mechanics. The other catch with playing a guardian is groups expect you to tank, obviously, but tanking requires knowledge of the encounter for maximum success, plus skill at running the character (ideally needed for everyone but there is far more pressure on a tank to be above average) and I don’t play enough for either. Besides, a lot of the time when I can carve out a few hours to play, I just want to kick back and do my own thing.

I like the concept of the Legendary Server, to let players experience the content “on level” and have better chances to group as the content unlocks. But I’m not sure I can play enough to fully take advantage of that.

The other thing is, I’m considering returning to Landroval. That’s where my fleet of characters is, my crafters, alts, heaps of gold, etc. Very few people I know still play, but it isn’t like I know anybody on Anor.  The kinship I’m in on Landroval keeps going to “usurp” status, so I might cast about for another kinship. Other than new cooler names for my characters on Anor (that’s what I tell myself haha), Landroval has a number of advantages. All the content, no xp penalty, all my alts for crafting and emergency funds…

I logged into Landroval for the first time in 8 months and saw I had already rolled an alt minstrel #2, a hobbit, that is poised in Rivendell ready to start Volume 1 Book 5 in the Misty Mountains with just a few more levels.

Yes, I think returning to Landroval would be the smart thing to do.

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